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new-beyond-skyrim-trailer-gives-us-our-first-look-at-black-marsh VG247

New Beyond Skyrim trailer gives us our first look at Black Marsh

The Beyond Skyrim team recently unveiled a brand new trailer featuring our very first look at Black Marsh. For those unacquainted with Beyond Skyrim, it’s a collaborative project being developed by a variety of modding teams attempting to build continent expansions for Bethesda’s iconic RPG. Although the team has worked on Bruma, Morrowind, Elsweyr, and more, the most recent reveal focuses on Black Marsh, home of the Argonians.As you can see, Black Marsh is black and marshy. It’s also the oldest part of Nirn, for anyone interested in lore. The Argonians have been knocking about for ages, and the Kothringi…

new-skywind-trailer-offers-a-fresh-look-at-fan-made-remaster-of-morrowind VG247

New Skywind trailer offers a fresh look at fan-made remaster of Morrowind

A new gameplay trailer for Skywind, the upcoming fan-made remaster of Morrowind built in Skyrim’s engine, recently dropped online, offering us a fresh look at what to expect. The video, titled “Battle at Nchurdamz,” is the team’s first gameplay demo in a year, and highlights a vast array of improvements that have been implemented into the mod since its last development update.You can check out the full Skywind gameplay demo below.As you can see, the video gives us a look at the fight against Hrelvesuu, a daedroth under Daedric Prince Molag Bol. in the Nchurdamz Dwemer ruin.“One of the most…

a-person-submitted-all-of-their-college-essays-in-skyrim-dovah VG247

A person submitted all of their college essays in Skyrim Dovah

If you have a lecturer that really, really annoys you, you could probably get back at them by writing all of your assignments in Skyrim Dovah, aka Dragon language. A Reddit user named NicolasYang248 recently did exactly that. I’m not sure whether or not Nicolas did this out of spite or curiosity, but who cares. What matters is that there is a professor somewhere in the world sat looking at a Dragon to English translator right now, trying to decipher organic chemistry diagrams or close readings of Romantic poetry written entirely in Dovah.The best part about this is the delivery,…