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romancelvania:-a-side-scrolling-date-em-up-perfect-for-fans-of-hades,-boyfriend-dungeon,-and-monster-prom Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Romancelvania: a side-scrolling date-em-up perfect for fans of Hades, Boyfriend Dungeon, and Monster Prom

I picked up the Romancelvania demo at Steam Next Fest on Alice Bee’s recommendation, and she was quite correct when she described it as “extremely relevant to [my] interests”. So relevant, in fact, that I’m starting to wonder if this wasn’t an attempt at psychological sabotage disguised as a friendly gesture. (You wouldn’t do that to me, would you, Alice?) Romancelvania is exactly what it sounds like: dating sim meets Castlevania. No idea how I missed it during my own perusal of the demo list, because unsurprisingly it’s immediately become my favourite thing I’ve ever played at a Steam Next…