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A Total War Saga: Troy is now on Steam, alongside new Mythos expansion

It seems as if the historical Total War series has been looking enviously at the gleeful monsters of Total Warhammer for a couple of years now, but Mythos is the clearest sign so far. An expansion for A Total War Saga: Troy, it embraces “the legends of Ancient Greece” by saying ‘fuck it, let’s put a gryphon in.’ It also marks the base game’s arrival on Steam after a year of Epic Games Store exclusivity. Read more

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A Total War Saga: Troy’s DLC Mythos will let you pet the hellhound

A Total War Saga: Troy’s upcoming DLC Mythos fills the historical battle sim with fantastical beasts. One of those, Cerberus, is the tri-headed guard dog of Hades. It’s a creature so intimately entwined with death that it draws strength from souls wrenched from their bodies during battle. He can summon shades, filling his army with the walking dead. His roars are known to cause armies to retreat in chaos. But he’s still a good boy, and will roll over and let you pet him. If there’s any justice in the world, it’ll also have some sort of effect in the…

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Was Total War: Warhammer 2’s Silence & The Fury DLC designed by actual Beastmen?

“Right then,” I can imagine the Creative Assembly’s Ian Roxburgh saying, as he commenced the brainstorming session for The Silence And The Fury, the latest and last DLC pack for Total War: Warhammer 2. “We’ve got Taurox. Giant metal bull geezer. He needs a special campaign mechanic. Any ideas?” The rest of the team look at each other uncertainly. “Maybe give him some sort of anger meter?” suggests one poor soul, plaintively. “What if he’s got to assemble enough oxo cubes to make a big castle?” offers another, through a trembling cringe of fear. “Nah!” roars Ian, smashing his fist…

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Total War: Warhammer 3’s new trailer shows off Kislev’s big, awesome bears

Kislev and Khorne are going head to head in the newest Total War: Warhammer 3 trailer that just landed today. The next part of Creative Assembly’s series is giving some serious love to the snowy folks of fantasy Russia with cavalry bears, magical bears, and other pretty cool looking icy units. You can spot the lot in the new cinematic trailer right here ahead of the gameplay reveal that’s still scheduled for tomorrow. Read more

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Total War: Rome Remastered announced, coming in April

Creative Assembly today announced they’re revamping 2004’s Rome: Total War for modern PCs with a re-release. Total War: Rome Remastered (flipping to the new naming style, I see) is due April 29th, with a little visual polish, a few new bits and pieces, and some tweaks to the interface and other systems. It’s not a full fancy remake, but they are sweetening the deal a little by offering a temporary 50% discount to folks who already own the original on Steam. Read more

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A Total War Saga: Troy: Blood & Glory drowns its ancient battles in gore

Feeling squeamish? If so, A Total War Saga: Troy‘s latest DLC probably isn’t for you. The subtly-named Blood & Glory DLC for Creative Assembly’s Ancient Greek murderfest arrived today, bathing Troy in a flood of blood, gore and grizzly details. And hey, if you’re a sicko wot wants to immortalise your bloodiest victories forever, you can now snap your most gruesome battles with Troy’s free photo mode update. (more…)

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Total War Saga: Troy’s Amazons DLC is out next week, and free at first

Amazons arrive in A Total War Saga: Troy next week with its first DLC, which will be given away free for keepsies for the first fortnight. Penthesilea and Hippolyta will join the fight against the Achaeans, bringing all-female armies and new focuses. Penthesilea wants to run around with a giant army, while Hippolyta is out to shore up influence by controlling sacred regions and treasures. Meet ’em in the new trailer below. (more…)

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Total War: Three Kingdoms unleashes war tigers in The Furious Wild expansion today

Tigers and elephants join the battlefields of Total War: Three Kingdoms today in its first expansion, The Furious Wild. It expands the Three Kingdoms map into the jungles of Southern China and adds four playable Nanman factions, with dozens of new units including the aforementioned beasts. The expansion costs cash but a free update launching alongside has brought plenty of newness for all players, including new playable character Shie Xie, a rework of the campaign map, and new battles to control gates in key passes. (more…)

a-total-war-saga:-troy-claimed-by-7.5-million-players-in-24-hours VG247

A Total War Saga: Troy claimed by 7.5 million players in 24 hours

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 14 August 2020 17:16 GMT Tons of folks downloaded A Total War Saga: Troy during its free period on the Epic Games Store. A Total War Saga: Troy was claimed by 7.5 million players within the first 24 hours of its release. The massive amount of downloads was driven by a time-limited free giveaway on the Epic Game Store.“We were optimistic but we couldn’t have predicted this level of excitement,” said Rob Bartholomew, chief product officer. “It’s been incredible to work with Epic on giving this brand new release away for free. “Now we get to…

a-total-war-saga:-troy-out-today,-free-on-the-epic-games-store-for-24-hours VG247

A Total War Saga: Troy out today, free on the Epic Games Store for 24 hours

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 13 August 2020 14:29 GMT You can download and keep A Total War Saga: Troy for nothing on the Epic Games Store.To celebrate the release of A Total War Saga: Troy, Sega and The Creative Assembly has made the game available free for the next 24 hours on the Epic Game Store.Just hit up the store and give it a download.Announced in September last year, the game puts players in the middle of the Bronze-Age Trojan War conflict. Here, you will assume the roles of Achilles, Hector, and other legendary heroes as you fight to defend…