The Ascent

the-ascent-mutual-dependencies:-kill-the-fullchromes-bug-and-how-to-fix VG247

The Ascent Mutual Dependencies: Kill the Fullchromes bug and how to fix

The Ascent Mutual Dependencies quest should be fairly straightforward.You need to find and kill the Fullchromes but there’s a catch. Finding the Fullchromes is the hardest part, and not just because the road to the meeting place is long.Watch on YouTubeThe Ascent Mutual Dependencies | How to start the main missionMutual Dependencies is a main mission you can start at Serenity Plus by speaking with Poone. Before leaving Cluster 13, though, we recommend completing any available side missions so you can outfit yourself for future challenges with Ucred and better gear.You can also start upgrading your Cyberdeck to take advantage…

the-ascent-double-charge-quest:-how-to-use-stasis-overcharge VG247

The Ascent Double Charge quest: How to use Stasis Overcharge

The Ascent Double Charge quest gives you a simple task with few instructions.Kill 10 enemies, it says, but there’s a catch. You have to kill 10 enemies using Stasis Overcharge, which the game doesn’t actually tell you how to use. Fortunately, you get a useful and stylish Augmentation once the quest is finished, so it’s worth the trouble.Watch on YouTubeThe Ascent Double Charge | How to start Double Charge questBeezelchek is the quest giver for Double Charge. He’s a scientist living in Cluster 13, west of the Cluster 13 map marker and northeast of the Rooftops marker. There’s also a…

the-ascent-developers-working-to-bring-dlss-to-pc-version-on-game-pass VG247

The Ascent developers working to bring DLSS to PC version on Game Pass

By Stephany Nunneley 31 July 2021 21:09 GMT Apparently, the Steam version of The Ascent and the PC version available through Game Pass are not the same.This is according to players of The Ascent on PC that noticed the Game Pass version does not support Nvidia’s DLSS and that ray tracing doesn’t work. Watch on YouTubeSeems Neon Giant is on the case though, as it has stated it is working to bring the two versions to parity.“It is being looked at, with the intent of fixing it/bringing it to parity with Steam across the board,” said studio co-founder Tor Frick…

the-ascent-review:-a-fun-cyberpunk-shooter-that-takes-a-while-to-warm-up Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Ascent review: a fun cyberpunk shooter that takes a while to warm up

Having previewed top-down cyberpunk shooty RPG The Ascent a little while back, I thought it was just all right at the time. But now that I’ve plugged myself into the mainframe for many hours, I see that it takes time for The Ascent’s mechanical heart to get the blood pumping. After it’s limbered up, this game is often a great time. I say “often” because The Ascent can veer from extremely fun to extremely infuriating in a matter of nano-seconds. There’s a lot to like here, but the way it’s wired means it frequently trips itself up. Remain patient enough…

the-ascent-review-–-a-consistently-stunning-and-surprising-action-game-that-sets-a-new-standard VG247

The Ascent review – a consistently stunning and surprising action game that sets a new standard

It’s not often we get a game like The Ascent.I don’t know what it is about the top-down shooter genre that endears it to indie developers. There are too many of them – usually with a pixel-arty look, but simultaneously not enough – the kind that used to push visuals and environmental detail to the point that you’d want to hack in a first-person camera just to get as close as possible to their worlds.I would have been content with The Ascent being among the latter; it’s what I went in expecting. The Ascent is that, and so much more.Watch…

the-ascent’s-top-down-cyberpunk-shooting-is-looking,-you-know,-fine Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Ascent’s top-down cyberpunk shooting is looking, you know, fine

Going by the art for top-down cyberpunk shooter The Ascent, I thought I’d be in for a thrill ride. It’s bold and red and has these three menacing characters with guns that look ready for violence. All set in a gritty cyberpunk world as well? “Sheesh”, I thought. “This is a recipe for a raucous time, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle just how darn unchained it’s going to get.” So when I got hands on with The Ascent, I was surprised to find I felt quite indifferent about it all. I’d expected to coat walls with…

the-ascent-is-a-co-op-cyberpunk-shooter-that-pops Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Ascent is a co-op cyberpunk shooter that pops

It’s rare that I’m impressed by graphics anymore, but The Ascent’s recent trailer had me stepping through it frame-by-frame just so I could squint at the details. It’s a co-op, topdown shooter set in a cyberpunk world, and it bangs, fizzes, smokes, and glistens in pleasing ways. Read more