TFI Friday

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TFI Friday: 3 indie games to get your creative juices flowing

These past few weeks, I’ve felt myself to be in a bit of a creative funk, dear readers, but thankfully this doesn’t seem to be the case for today’s game developers. It seems they’re still in full flow, as it were, and this week I’ve got a trio of nice things to play that’ll hopefully kickstart your heart and get you in the mood to make something. They did for me, anyway. Read more

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TFI Friday: 3 new text-based games with a twist

What a world, what a world! Recently I read a book called The Appeal, which I enjoyed very much. The framing of it is a couple of junior lawyers going through a bunch of case notes they’ve been sent, and so the book itself is mostly emails and messages between the central cast of characters. You have to figure out the shape of what you don’t have by looking at what you do. It’s very good! So, inspired by that, this week I’ve got three text-based games for you, but with a twist. They each do something a bit different,…

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TFI Friday: 3 free Pico-8 games with good titles

Last time I did one of these (which was a few weeks ago because I’ve been away, whaddaya want from me?) I said I was going to go and poke around on, because they have as much – indeed, probably more – porn than Steam, but they don’t try and surprise me with it by pretending it’s something else. And I did go poke around on Itch! None of these game are porn, though. They’re a collection of fun Pico-8 games you can play in browser, and my other abitrary way of linking them this time is that I…