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the-wolf-among-us-2-lives,-but-don’t-expect-to-hear-it-howl-anytime-soon Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Wolf Among Us 2 lives, but don’t expect to hear it howl anytime soon

The Wolf Among Us 2 has had a ruff (hah) development, to put it lightly. Surviving the catastrophic implosion of Telltale Games, last year’s edition of The Keighleys saw the creature wearing Telltale’s skin arise to confirm that the big bad sequel was still in development. Don’t get your hopes up for more news at tonight’s awards, mind – the devs today explained that while The Wolf Among Us is still happening, it’s not quite time to let this poor pup loose. (more…)

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Sam & Max Save The World remastered is out now

The Freelance Police are back on the case once again in a remastered version of Sam & Max Save The World, which you may remember as Sam & Max Season One from back when Telltale Games released it in 2006. Some former Telltalers got back together to shine up their old work, which you can now get your mitts on in today’s release. (more…)