don’t-sleep-on-keke-palmer’s-amazing-twitch-streams Twitch

Don’t Sleep On Keke Palmer’s Amazing Twitch Streams

Another big-name celebrity has found their way to Twitch. Keke Palmer, the long-time actress and TV personality who most recently starred in Jordan Peele’s Nope, has become a full-fledged livestreamer on Amazon’s platform after getting her channel set up earlier this month.

three-affordable-combat-sports-and-esports-to-try-in-2022 ESports News UK

Three affordable combat sports and esports to try in 2022

Promoted article (contains affiliate links, you must be aged 18 and over to gamble, please bet responsibly) We are a planet of sports lovers with millions watching, playing and following professional sports from the United States to the United Kingdom and everywhere in between. We may not all agree on what the best sport is, with many supporting american football while others back soccer (aka football here in the UK) to the end. Continue reading Three affordable combat sports and esports to try in 2022

ayorichie-emerges-victorious-at-red-bull-golden-letters-after-beating-top-tekken-stars ESports News UK

AyoRichie emerges victorious at Red Bull Golden Letters after beating top Tekken stars

Richie ‘AyoRichie’ Olusanya has been crowned the Red Bull Golden Letters champion, overcoming Joey Fury in the grand final after a weekend of tense Tekken 7 action at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London. AyoRichie – who represents Rize Gaming – won the new Tekken 7 LAN event, which was broadcast live from the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London. He emerged as one of the UK’s rising stars in Tekken as a series of outstanding performances saw him rise to the top of 100 aspiring and professional players. Continue reading AyoRichie emerges victorious at Red Bull Golden Letters…

red-bull-golden-letters-announced:-london’s-red-bull-gaming-sphere-to-host-new-tekken-7-lan-featuring-two-of-the-world’s-best-players ESports News UK

Red Bull Golden Letters announced: London’s Red Bull Gaming Sphere to host new Tekken 7 LAN featuring two of the world’s best players

Red Bull has announced Red Bull Golden Letters, a new Tekken 7 LAN event running between March 26th and 27th 2022 in London. The event, which will be hosted at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere, will see grassroots UK players compete for a chance to battle the best in the world. It will feature Red Bull’s Tekken superstars Arslan Ash (from Pakistan) and Hoa ‘Anakin’ Luu (USA), widely recognised as two of the top fighting game players in the world, as they take on UK players, as well as star in a 5v5 Europe vs The World exhibition match. Continue…

uk-esports-and-gaming-organisations-celebrate-black-history-month-2021 ESports News UK

UK esports and gaming organisations celebrate Black History Month 2021

A host of esports organisations, content creators, companies and others in the gaming community have been celebrating Black History Month 2021. The initiative takes place in the US and Canada in February each year, while the UK, Ireland and Europe typically recognise it in October. We’ve outlined some of the activities and recognition that’s been taking place in UK esports throughout this month. Last week, the University of Warwick’s new esports centre played host to Combo Breakers, a public event streamed on Warwick Esports’ Twitch channel celebrating Black History Month and BAME history and representation in esports. Continue reading UK…

tekken-x-street-fighter-was-‘30%-complete’-before-development-was-halted VG247

Tekken X Street Fighter was ‘30% complete’ before development was halted

By Dom Peppiatt 21 June 2021 19:16 GMT According to Tekken boss, Katsuhiro Harada, the long-awaited crossover game Tekken X Street Fighter is definitely dead and was about 30% done before development was halted.The game, the planned follow-up to niche fighting title Street Fighter x Tekken, was announced 11 years ago and was initially supposed to launch on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but all chat about the game vanished soon after it was announced and Tekken fans have been curious about the title ever since.But thanks to some new comments Harada made on his YouTube series Harada’s Bar, the famously feisty developer…

lidia-sobieska,-a-fictional-polish-prime-minister,-joins-tekken-7-tomorrow VG247

Lidia Sobieska, a fictional Polish Prime Minister, joins Tekken 7 tomorrow

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 22 March 2021 18:57 GMT Bandai Namco has announced Tekken 7‘s next character: a DLC fighter called Lidia Sobieska, who is the fictional Prime Minister of Poland.After teasing a new downloadable fighter back in February, Bandai Namco has finally lifted the lid on the last character in the game’s Season 4 Season Pass, following on from the addition of Kunimitsu who arrived in-game in October.“After the Tekken​ Force arrived into parts of Poland, the Polish citizens cried out for a stronger leader and Lidia answered that call!” notes her official description.She’ll arrive in the game on…

bandai-namco-is-teasing-a-polish-tekken-7-dlc-character VG247

Bandai Namco is teasing a Polish Tekken 7 DLC character

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 21 February 2021 11:37 GMT During the latest Japanese Fighting Game Roundtable, Bandai Namco has teased another newcomer for the Tekken 7 roster.Get ready for the next battle, because Tekken 7 appears to be getting yet another new character in its upcoming DLC.In the brief teaser trailer that you can see below, the currently unnamed fighter is briefly teased after a couple of quick edits show us around the country of Poland. The new female character is seen leaving her car, and appears to be addressed as ‘prime minister’ by an off-screen voice. Interesting.The next character…

play-as-final-fantasy-7’s-tifa-in-tekken-7-thanks-to-a-new-mod VG247

Play as Final Fantasy 7’s Tifa in Tekken 7 thanks to a new mod

Ever wanted to enter Tekken 7’s King of Iron Fist Tournament as a Final Fantasy character that isn’t Noctis from FFXV? Then you’re in luck.Tekken 7 modder Wolfe has finally released a Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tifa mod for PC that brings the punchy, Shinra-hating environmentalist rebel to the on-going dystopia of Tekken 7 (thanks, TheGamer).If you download the mod, you will be able to play as the iconic Tifa Lockhart instead of Tekken 7’s own Filipino kickboxer, Josie Rizal. It makes sense when you think about it; the two female brawlers both use hard-hitting close range moves, and of the…

tekken-director-keen-to-make-another-pokemon-fighting-game-with-pokken-sequel VG247

Tekken director keen to make another Pokemon fighting game with Pokken sequel

Tekken veteran and Bandai Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada would like to work with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company on a Pokken sequel.Pokken Tournament is one of many Pokemon spin-off games, and it ended up being quite popular amongst fighting game aficionados for its creative, 3D-fighter take on the Pokemon brand.The game, which was first introduced to the world in Japanese arcades back in 2015, ended up being ported to Wii U and Nintendo Switch and has attracted a loyal fanbase over the past few years. We have a good relationship with Nintendo and Pokemon Co., Ltd., and POKKÉN has had…

season-pass-4-will-launch-for-tekken-7-this-fall VG247

Season Pass 4 will launch for Tekken 7 this fall

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 1 August 2020 20:55 GMT Season Pass 4 will launch for Tekken 7 this fall, Bandai Namco has announced.With the Tekken 7 Season pass 4 you can also expect battle balance updates with new character moves.It also includes online play enhancements for a better “online experience” (thanks, Siliconera).Characters for the pass were not announced, but there appears to be a teaser for one at the end of the video.Tekken 7 is out now on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One