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amid-thin-2022,-microsoft-says-50-games-coming-to-xbox-over-the-next-year E3

Amid Thin 2022, Microsoft Says 50 Games Coming To Xbox Over The Next Year

Six months into the year, Xbox’s release calendar is looking slim. Fresh off the heels of an absolutely banger 2021, Microsoft hasn’t released a single first-party tentpole in 2022. But that’s all set to change, Microsoft assured viewers today during its big splashy marketing showcase about big splashy games on the horizon. Halfway through today’s show—which offered long-awaited gameplay reveals for feverishly anticipated games like Starfield and Redfall—Xbox boss Phil Spencer showed off a graphic indicating 50 new games would come to Xbox within the next year. Xbox’s official social media feed tweeted out a slightly altered version of the…

it’s-ok,-spider-man,-things-change E3

It’s OK, Spider-Man, Things Change

Back in June 2017, a Twitter user asked Insomniac Games a fairly straightforward question: will their new Spider-Man game, launching only on the PS4, ever come to other platforms? While the original tweet has since been deleted by the user, Insomniac’s reply remains:In case you missed it, it was announced earlier today that Spider-Man, once a “permanent PS4 exclusive”, would be coming to the PC in August. And its follow-up, Miles Morales, would be joining it not long after. Womp.I’m not posting this to make fun of Insomniac, or their social team, or their lawyers. I’m sure back in 2017…

smash-bros.-ultimate-is-getting-shaken-up-by-its-own-wave-dashing-moment Twitch

Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Getting Shaken Up By Its Own Wave-Dashing Moment

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans are obsessed with ranking the game’s extensive, crossover cast of video game characters in tier lists. Tier lists constantly change to reflect alterations to the game’s meta, caused by balance updates released by Nintendo, but also players finding new techniques. The Smash community recently found a new technique with potential to drastically change the game’s meta: the slingshot.

twitch-pulls-shooting-vid-quickly,-but-facebook-and-streamable-reuploads-reached-millions Twitch

Twitch Pulls Shooting Vid Quickly, But Facebook And Streamable Reuploads Reached Millions

Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch said it removed a livestream of a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York over the weekend within two minutes of it going live. But that response time was not enough to stop recordings of the footage from spreading to other online platforms, like Facebook, where links to the heinous act remained accessible for hours. This once again raises questions about how much social media companies are really invested in moderating harmful content.

nintendo-switch-sports-fans-are-accidentally-smashing-tvs-again Twitch

Nintendo Switch Sports Fans Are Accidentally Smashing TVs Again

It’s like we’re back in the 2000s. Cropped cardigans are making a comeback, Biden is still in the White House, and Nintendo dropped a Wii Sports sequel in the form of Switch Sports. The nostalgia is so uncanny that players of Nintendo’s quirky sports simulator are once again flinging controllers from their hands directly into their TVs, smashing their displays.

sega-says-‘future-of-gaming’-includes-nfts-and-cloud-streaming Twitch

Sega Says ‘Future Of Gaming’ Includes NFTs And Cloud Streaming

It seems, like some other big video game publishers, Sega is also interested in adding NFTs into future games as revealed in an interview with various executives and producers. During that same interview, Sega talked more about its “Super Game” projects, confirming that it will be more than one game and some of them could involve streaming and cloud gaming.

hacker:-elden-ring-may-suffer-same-serious-online-exploits-as-dark-souls-iii Twitch

Hacker: Elden Ring May Suffer Same Serious Online Exploits As Dark Souls III

All PC versions of the Dark Souls games will remain offline for the foreseeable future, according to a new tweet from series publisher Bandai Namco, in order to fix at least one major security vulnerability. Further, the developers are working to ensure that the same serious vulnerability does not persist in FromSoftware’s upcoming game Elden Ring, due out on February 25.

dark-souls-servers-down-due-to-exploit-that-could-give-someone-control-of-your-pc Twitch

Dark Souls Servers Down Due To Exploit That Could Give Someone Control Of Your PC

Earlier this morning, Bandai Namco and From Software announced that all the servers for Dark Souls Remastered, 2, and 3 were temporarily shut down because of an “issue with online services.” While the publisher didn’t share more details, it’s believed the “issue” is a recently publicized PC exploit that would allow a malicious hacker to invade your game and then remotely run code on your PC, effectively taking control of it.

call-of-duty:-warzone’s-flying-car-problem-is-back-in-latest-map Twitch

Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Flying Car Problem Is Back In Latest Map

If you’ve played Call of Duty: Warzone recently, you might’ve seen flying objects in the sky that appear to be aircrafts like helicopters or planes. Well, you’re wrong. They’re actually regular old vehicles such as motorbikes and SUVs that cheaters have hacked to take to the skies…again. Yes, again, as this isn’t a new occurrence for Raven Software’s very popular battle royale.

final-fantasy-vii-remake-is-$70-on-pc-and-people-are-freaking-out Twitch

Final Fantasy VII Remake Is $70 On PC And People Are Freaking Out

The launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S provided companies with an opportunity to charge more for their console games and many jumped at the chance. With Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and Forspoken, that new $70 price tag is making a controversial appearance on PC, a platform that’s traditionally seen at cheaper price points. Some people are worried it’s the beginning of an across-the-board price hike, even if it’s one that’s been long overdue.