heist-sim-teardown-smashes-out-of-early-access-this-month Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Heist sim Teardown smashes out of early access this month

The excellent destructive sandbox heist game Teardown is winding up to leave early access and launch in full, today announcing a version 1.0 release date of April 21st. Teardown’s a cracking game, about carefully poking holes in destructible environments to prepare for a madcap high-speed heist once an alarm’s triggered. I’m excited for it to be done. For now, check out a new trailer show off some of the newness they’ve added across early access. Read more

igf’s-2021-nominees-announced,-mostly-correct Rock,Paper,Shotgun

IGF’s 2021 nominees announced, mostly correct

Videogame awards are good for three things: they encourage people to continue creating new work; they direct attention towards particular pebbles among the otherwise amorphous landslide of new game releases; and they give bystanders like me something of mercifully little consequence to gripe about when nominations don’t align with our personal tastes. I’m sad to report that the Independent Games Festival has delivered only two out of three in 2021. The nominations for this year’s IGF Awards were announced yesterday, but they have left me little to gripe about. Read more

ps5-dualsense-teardown-estimates-‘417-hour-life’,-reveals-causes-of-drift VG247

PS5 DualSense teardown estimates ‘417 hour life’, reveals causes of drift

Have you suffered from PlayStation 5 DualSense controller drift? A new teardown may have revealed why it keeps happening.A new video from iFixit – a veteran channel that’s been taking tech apart and examining how it works for years – shows a PlayStation 5 DualSense teardown that unearths why the new pad may be doomed to drift issues.iFixit claims that PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox controllers have “a long history of predictable, preventable issues” thanks to stock joystick hardware in their pads.As per the video below, the DualShock 4, the Xbox One, and Xbox One Elite controllers “could easily exceed their operating life in just…