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stranger-of-paradise:-final-fantasy-origin-heads-to-steam-next-month VG247

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin heads to Steam next month

Take the fight to Chaos on Steam. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is heading to Steam. The Team Ninja developed dark fantsy game will arrive on the service on April 6. It is already available through the Epic Games Store. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin | The Journey Ends – trailer The 2022 action RPG is set in the Final Fantasy universe and is a prequel to Square Enix’s original Final Fantasy on the NES. Set in an alternate timeframe, it follows characters foretold as the Warriors of Light, who set out to destroy Chaos. In the game,…

elden-ring’s-open-world-made-it-more-accessible-to-new-players,-so-how-does-wo-long-do-the-same-without-one? VG247

Elden Ring’s open world made it more accessible to new players, so how does Wo Long do the same without one?

One very clever design decision in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty may not get the love it deserves, but its effects are transformative in making the game more accessible to new players. Anyone who played, or is even aware of, Elden Ring will tell you that its open world played a major role in making it more approachable for new players. The linear design of FromSoftware’s previous games meant that your progress was always predetermined by the designers. No matter how long you’d put off a tough boss fight or a trap-laden area, you knew that you needed to be back…

wo-long:-fallen-dynasty-and-naraka-bladepoint-crossover-for-a-limited-time VG247

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Naraka Bladepoint crossover for a limited time

Get your Wo Long fix in Naraka and your Naraka fix in Wo Long. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Naraka: Bladepoint are getting a little crossover with one another, with things kicking off in the latter game first. Players have already had a few days to dive into the challenging world of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the latest title from Nioh developer Team Ninja. But if you’re one such player who just can’t get enough, you might want to head over to Naraka: Bladepoint. Running until March 24, you can unlock “exclusive rewards” in Naraka themed around Wo Long: Fallen…

wo-long-fallen-dynasty-is-a-souls-like-that-gives-you-a-helping-hand VG247

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a Souls-like that gives you a helping hand

Dark Souls too lonely? Elden Ring too daunting? Game Pass has got your back. Kinda. ^Check out our preview video of Wo Long, coming to Game Pass soon! Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is headed to Xbox Game Pass (inc. for PC) on March 3rd, and for our money it’s shaping up rather nicely. Borrowing its lore from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, it shares a few common elements with Dynasty Warriors, but with a vastly different, dark fantasy twist to proceedings. It’s also a Souls-like, so players can expect a bleak atmosphere and punishing combat, but again with…

why-big-pigs-are-the-best-kind-of-boss-fight Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Why BIG PIGs are the best kind of boss fight

What’s the mark of a great boss? Cool moves, I suppose. Cool armour. A cool demeanour as you enter their arena. Having previewed both Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Wild Hearts, I’ve come to discover that the mark of a great boss is one of these things, none of the rest, and 500 pounds of ham. BIG PIGs are in, and they are here to do a high-pitched squeal and charge to the top of the “Trending Bosses” list. Read more

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Stranger of Paradise is cool, but I yearn for a simpler Final Fantasy anniversary game

The Team Ninja Soulslike is a nice addition to the Final Fantasy extended family, but I want so see something else from Square Enix. Final Fantasy turns 35 this year, and Square Enix has lined up a bunch of stuff to celebrate the series’ birthday. The biggest and most obvious piece of the celebration so far is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, a new spin-off that’s both forward and backward-looking at once. A lot of what’ll make the biggest splash this anniversary is likely stuff we don’t officially know about yet, of course. We’re yet to have a formal…

stranger-of-paradise:-final-fantasy-origin-review-–-one-of-the-best-3/5-games-i’ve-played-in-years VG247

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin review – One of the best 3/5 games I’ve played in years

I am unapologetically a fan of the Nicholas Cage and John Travolta movie, Face/Off. Something about the unbelievable dance between lawman and outlaw Freaky Friday-ing their way into each other’s lives is endlessly watchable, despite its shaky premise and questionable performances. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin might well be the Face/Off of games, then. It’s stupid, the performances are laughably bad, the levels are irritating, the gear system is convoluted, and the bosses can flit from unmemorable to infuriating. So why the hell can’t I put it down? I guess it helps that Team Ninja knows how to make…

stranger-of-paradise-final-fantasy-origin-is-baffling-in-the-best-way Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is baffling in the best way

“Just tell us about the crystals”, demands Jack, Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin‘s prickly protagonist. He has no time for the posh dark elf who applauds him for something. Whatever it is, Jack doesn’t care. In fact, I don’t think he knows where he is. If he does, he wants nothing to with it. This interaction is contained in a new trailer that I deem to be perfect. It sells me on this Final Fantasy action RPG, because it seems like I’ll get to control someone as impatient as I am. Jack lives for crashing and bashing. The story…

have-you-played…-nioh-2? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Have You Played… Nioh 2?

If you’re after a soulslike with incredibly deep combat, then Nioh 2 is the one. Yes, it’s brutally punishing and you need to be in a good mood to play it, but trust me, when you’ve found the weapon for you, it’s a nice feeling alright. Read more

stranger-of-paradise-uses-final-fantasy-1-as-a-motif-rather-than-being-“directly-connected-to-the-game” VG247

Stranger of Paradise uses Final Fantasy 1 as a motif rather than being “directly connected to the game”

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s concept is based on Final Fantasy 1, but is a story all its own.Speaking in an interview with Weekly Famitsu, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s creative producer Tetsuya Nomura, producer Jin Hujiwara, and director Daisuke Inoue spoke about the game, and how it’s using the original Final Fantasy as a motif.Watch on YouTubeAccording to Nomura, the game is based on Final Fantasy 1, where at the end of which, you learn who the Warriors of Light really are and where they came from.In Stranger of Paradise, Jack and his friends are under the impression they…

nioh-2-pc-patch-fixes-disappearing-text-bug,-crashes-caused-by-last-update VG247

Nioh 2 PC patch fixes disappearing text bug, crashes caused by last update

By Sherif Saed, Monday, 29 March 2021 13:07 GMT The anticipated Nioh 2 patch has arrived this morning on PC.Team Ninja has today released a new update for Nioh 2 on PC. Though update 1.27.1 doesn’t bring any big new features, it’s one PC players have been eagerly anticipating, simply because patch 1.27 broke the game for many.In particular, 1.27 introduced a weird bug that would sometimes cause text to disappear from the game’s menus, making it awkward to navigate. The update also brought on a number of random crashes, which caused Team Ninja to issue a statement saying that…

ninja-gaiden:-master-collection-runs-at-4k-and-60fps+,-says-microsoft-store-listing VG247

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection runs at 4k and 60fps+, says Microsoft Store listing

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 14 March 2021 13:55 GMT Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection will run at a 4K resolution and at least 60fps, a new listing on the Microsoft Store confirms.During the Nintendo Direct presentation back in February, the Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection was announced for Switch – and shortly after, it was confirmed that the game compilation of titles is also coming PC, PS4, and Xbox One (with PS5 and Xbox One Series X/S players able to play the title via backwards compatibility).As per a listing on the Microsoft Store, though, it’s mentioned that Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Ninja…