Tales Of Arise

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Tales of Arise has reached 2 million copies sold

It’s about to catch up to Tales of Vesperia and Symphonia in unit sales. Tales of Arise has reached another sales milestone for Bandai Namco. According to the company, the game has sold over 2 million copies since it was released on September 10, 2021. As previously reported, a few days after release, the game sold in excess of 1 million units worldwide becoming the fastest-selling title in franchise history. When October rolled around, it was announced the game had sold an additonal 500,000 copies. Now, with a 2 million notch on its belt, the game is catching up to…

this-mod-adds-a-universal-photo-mode-to-over-300-unreal-engine-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

This mod adds a universal photo mode to over 300 Unreal Engine games

Photo modes are undeniably in fashion now, so much so that I’ve just started assuming most major RPGs and third-person action games will have one built in at launch. I’ve never put in the time to get particularly skilled at lining up the best shots, but I’m always well impressed by those who do. It’s a bummer though when a looker of a game doesn’t have a way to really get up close and personal with its pretty cast and environments. Tales Of Arise, which just launched this month, doesn’t have one yet, for instance. That’s where the extremely nifty…

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How Tales of Arise rose up for a new audience

Bandai Namco’s first Tales Of game, Tales Of Phantasia, weighed in at a previously unheard of 48MB when it released in 1995. That’s a mere wisp of data nowadays, but a veritable beast for a Super Famicom game cartridge. The cost of these high capacity carts, combined with westerners’ ho-hum attitude towards RPGs at the time, likely axed any chance it had of being translated. Later Tales games have had better success in the west – 2003’s Tales Of Symphonia was arguably its first breakout hit outside Japan – but the series as a whole has always seemed to exist…

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Tales of Arise reviews round up – all the scores

The latest mainline game in the series has been released. Here’s what the critics think. Tales of Arise reviews have landed, and we have rounded the scores up for you. The game was released yesterday, September 10, and is the 17th main entry in the Tales series. You can pick it up on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Originally set for release last year, the game was delayed in order to address some quality issues and so that the team could release it on more platforms. Tales of Arise takes place in a solar system containing…

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Tales Of Arise shows off fishing, farming, and flashier party skits

The next Tales Of series game is just over a month away now and Bandai Namco are divulging some extra side activity details on the lead up to launch. They’ve shown off just a bit of Tales Of Arise‘s returning cooking system, some new fishing and farming, and the upgraded new party skits. You can catch a bit of all of that in a new trailer along with a few Q&A details from the game’s producer. Read more

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Check out the Tales of Arise opening animation here

By Dom Peppiatt 5 July 2021 16:35 GMT Ahead of Tales of Arise launching later this year, in September, Bandai Namco has released the opening animation for the game – and you can check it out here.The Tales of series has a pretty long history with impressive and over-the-top intro animations, and the latest game in the series isn’t bucking that trend.“Tales of Arise takes place in a solar system containing the two neighboring planets of Dahna and Rena,” reads a summary of the game’s story. “The inhabitants of Dahna have always paid reverence to their planetary neighbors on Rena –…

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Where to pre-order Tales of Arise in the UK and US

Tales of Arise is finally releasing in September! We’ve rounded up where you can pre-order the latest of the ‘Tales of’ series, so you don’t have to search for your preferred retailer.This Bandai Namco RPG has been MIA for a while, but we finally know when the next title in the Tales series is releasing–September 9 in Japan and September 10 for the West. Better yet, Tales of Arise pre-orders are available now, with multiple editions to choose from. Check them all out below!Tales of Arise Collector’s EditionIf you’re a huge fan of the Tales series, you might want to…

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Tales of Arise gets a new trailer as Bandai Namco promises more updates soon

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 7 March 2021 11:31 GMT Tales of Arise has returned to the public eye after being missing-in-action for the better part of a year, and it sounds like more information is coming soon.The 17th entry in the long-running Japanese RPG series was first officially shown off during Microsoft’s E3 2019 Xbox Press Conference, but since then we’ve heard precious little about the project. The game was delayed indefinitely in June 2020, and since then Bandai Namco has been keeping its cards pretty close to its chest, much to the chagrin of series fans.“Spring is just around the corner, and…