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letter-from-the-editor-#01:-a-month-in-and-we’re-all-still-here Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Letter From The Editor #01: a month in and we’re all still here

Hello folks. It’s me, your brand spanking new editor-in-chief, writing my very first Letter From The Editor. When we relaunched our RPS Supporter Program at the end of June, this monthly peek behind the RPS curtain was one of the fancy new perks you’d get as a lovely subscriber – although back when we were first thinking about the relaunch, Graham was still in charge and I was but a lowly hardware editor who didn’t even the faintest inkling that one day I’d be the person kicking this whole thing off. Funny how things work out, isn’t it? But here…

claire-de-lune-won’t-light-any-fires,-but-it’ll-warm-you-up Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Claire De Lune won’t light any fires, but it’ll warm you up

14 years on, it might say more about me than about games that I automatically want to reference Portal when I play a game like Claire De Lune. It’s a bit unfair to compare everything in the first person physics puzzle subgenre to one of the best games ever made as a default. You have a zappy non-violent gun necessary for navigating a series of platforming challenges. That’s… actually where the similarities end. Instead of the increasingly sinister laboratory and wry humour, Claire De Lune crashes you into an alien planet and asks you to reunite with your daughter while…

going-medieval-is-a-buildier,-friendlier-rimworld-spinoff Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Going Medieval is a buildier, friendlier Rimworld spinoff

Going Medieval will be huge. I had an eye on it, but didn’t expect it to land quite so well as it already has, and now that I’ve had time to try it out, hoboy. What a delight. It is, in a word, the leading contender for the next Rimworld. I try not to be so reductive, but denying Rimworld’s influence here is pointless. It has a less colourful setting but aside from that it copies pretty much everything. And that’s okay. Read more

i-can’t-stop-watching-people-play-rally-games-beautifully Rock,Paper,Shotgun

I can’t stop watching people play rally games beautifully

Ever since I reminisced about Screamer, I’ve been on a car game kick. By this I mean that I gave WRC 9 a go, then swiftly rage quit as I realised I wasn’t cut out for “Dark Souls on gravel”. So ever since that fateful night, I’ve fled to YouTube, where I now watch people play rally games beautifully. And I can’t seem to stop. Read more

no-more-kidding-around,-i-just-want-another-screamer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

No more kidding around, I just want another Screamer

I haven’t played a car game in over a decade. Not out of spite, or because of some bizarre gaming diet where I am not allowed to consume anything with four wheels, but it’s just that everything nowadays is too realistic, or trying too hard to be unrealistic. I desire a car game that slots nicely in-between the two without fanfare. A simple, unceremonious racing game is what I’m after; Screamer. That game is Screamer. A third one. It’s just, would I actually like it? Read more

bloody-hell,-psychonauts-is-still-a-bit-good,-isn’t-it? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Bloody hell, Psychonauts is still a bit good, isn’t it?

Double Fine’s most treasured son (apart from Jack Black, who is not a real man and was obviously designed by a committee of wacky game developers some time in the late 90s) is undoubtedly Raz, protagonist of their 2005 cult hit Psychonauts. Psychonauts is classic Double Fine. It’s a 3D platformer with some puzzley bits that sees Raz training to be a psychonaut at a secret government facility disguised as a children’s summer camp by having adventures that take place inside people’s subconscious brains. This premise, you will note, is a cracker, even if not that many people thought so…

hayfever-enhanced-my-experience-with-before-your-eyes Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Hayfever enhanced my experience with Before Your Eyes

I developed this new allergic reaction this year, namely that my eyes feel like they’re being blowtorched if I don’t plop some miracle liquid into them regularly. They water and itch and I spend a lot of time blinking, which sort of feels like how a rusty shop grate sounds as it lowers. I realised quite quickly into my playthrough of Before Your Eyes that I’d forgotten to administer the holy water. And in a game where time skips forward as you blink in real life, I thought I’d royally messed things up. But it turns out that having an…

shout-out-to-whoever-put-together-all-the-computer-noises-in-mass-effect Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Shout out to whoever put together all the computer noises in Mass Effect

I wish there was a directory to look up developers that did specific things in games that I love. I know LinkedIn will list people’s jobs like Storyboard Artist or Narrative Designer, but one thing I’ve actually learned in this job is that these titles can mean wildly different things at different companies. And they’re not specific enough for my needs: I want one that goes “person who did the animation for the opening credits on Episode 4 of Tales From The Borderlands” or “absolute hero who wrote the character barks for Warcraft III“. I have been playing the Mass…

failing-at-desperados-3-is-the-best-way-to-play-it Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Failing at Desperados 3 is the best way to play it

Whenever I have a chunk of holiday sitting in front of me, the possibilities seem endless. Maybe I’ll finally play Cyberpunk 2077 now it’s been properly patched, I think. But maybe I should also finally finish Nier: Automata in preparation for when Replicant comes out at the end of the month. There are also those dozen odd indie games I’ve got piled up, too. Narita Boy, the final bit of Record Of Lodoss War: Deelit In Wonder Labyrinth, Signs Of The Sojourner and goodness knows what else. “I could probably do a bit of each!” I say optimistically. In the…

i’m-sorry,-but-i-don’t-get-loop-hero Rock,Paper,Shotgun

I’m sorry, but I don’t get Loop Hero

I went into Loop Hero with only two expectations: I’m probably going to like this given the rave reviews it received, and if there’s a hint of idle game here I’m all for it. I’d hoped it would be the sort of game I could leave to its own devices, you know, set some foundations, press play, and collect my rewards a few hours later. Nope, this wasn’t Loop Hero at all. I had to place things, and make difficult decisions, and keep tabs on stuff. Too demanding for me – just way too much. Not idle enough. Read more

narita-boy-is-a-love-letter-to-the-pc-and-old-technology Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Narita Boy is a love letter to the PC and old technology

Take one look at Studio Koba’s retro platformer Narita Boy and you could easily mistake it for a new kind of Tron game. It’s awash with neon blues and rainbow-coloured light refractions, and the edges of the screen even flicker and bend like you’re playing it on a CRT television. But this is no mere nostalgic landgrab for those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s. Narita Boy’s retro roots run deep. It’s a game that’s as much about old tech as it is indebted to it, and anyone who’s ever tinkered about with their PC and…

kingdom-hearts-should-have-been-my-goat Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Kingdom Hearts should have been my GOAT

I was 14-years-old when Kingdom Hearts first came out in the UK. I was big into Disney and I’d just come off a pretty intense Final Fantasy streak where I’d played VIII, a bit of VII, IX and then the rest of VII again in fairly quick succession. I almost couldn’t believe my luck. Far from being some kind of crazed fever dream I’d imagined while doodling in my notebook at school, this game was 100% real. It combined two of my most favourite things in the whole wide world, in what was rapidly becoming my new favourite genre of…