Super Mario All-Stars

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Super Mario 64: Jolly Roger Bay Stars – Plunder in the Sunken Ship, 100 Coins and more

Jolly Roger Bay is the first traditional water level in Super Mario 64, and is found on the right hand side of the main lobby of the castle behind a 3-star door. It’s a level that changes a fair amount depending on the star you select with the central ship sometimes afloat and sometimes sunken. We’ll detail all in the full stars guide below. If you’re done with this stage, be sure to check out the rest of our Super Mario 64 Ultimate Guide for every other stage’s stars, including the Castle Secret Stars.Jolly Roger Bay Star 1: Plunder in…

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Super Mario 64: Wet-Dry World Stars

The 11th course in Super Mario 64 is Wet-Dry World, and for my money, this is where this game really hits its stride. While many of the levels in Mario 64 so far have been good, this level is the first of a back-half streak that shows a real confidence with this Mario team working to create a 3D game. It has a unique mechanic – raising and lowering water levels. While you can raise and lower the water inside the stage with special switches, keep in mind that you can change the water height on spawn by the height…

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Super Mario 64: Snowman’s Land Stars

We’re now into double digits, and course 10 of Super Mario 64 is another snow one – found on the upper levels of the castle. To reach Snowman’s Land you’ll have to unlock the door on the upper level of the lobby with the key obtained for beating Bowser a second time – which you do by first completing the first star of the previous stage, Dire, Dire Docks. Up the stairs there’s a whole bunch of new rooms and paintings – which means new courses.Snowman’s Land is actually hidden. Go into the room with the large mirror and look…