e3-2021-live-event-has-been-cancelled-–-report VG247

E3 2021 live event has been cancelled – report

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 28 February 2021 13:19 GMT The live component of E3 2021 has been canceled according to documents released by Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development Commission.A document published by the Board of Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development Commission (spotted by Resetera user Rösti) notes that E3 2021’s physical event has been canceled.The document notes that the convention commission is working with the ESA (the E3 organizer) to work out broadcast solutions for an online-only E3 later this year.Earlier this month, we heard that E3 2021 was planning to be a digital-only show, though official comments from…

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Summer Game Fest 2021 looks set to be “more condensed” than debut year

By Alex Calvin, Tuesday, 9 February 2021 12:00 GMT But we still don’t know what to expect from this year’s iteration of Geoff Keighley’s show.This year’s Summer Game Fest is going to be “more condensed” than its debut in 2020.That’s according to organiser Geoff Keighley, who said on Twitter that the team was going to “make it more condensed.” In a subsequent tweet, the industry personality said that its debut last year was “tough” due to the coronavirus pandemic.“Last year was tough with COVID, appreciate the vote on confidence,” Keighley wrote.“We are seeing what can come together!”There isn’t much news…