paradox-launch-dlc-subscription-service-for-hearts-of-iron-iv-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Paradox launch DLC subscription service for Hearts Of Iron IV today

Paradox Interactive are notoriously enthusiastic about DLC, often releasing years of expansions and add-ons for their big strategy games rather than leaping straight into sequels. So as an alternative to spending £100-odd for all a game’s DLC, Paradox have started dabbling in letting players pay monthly fees to play them. The next game to start such a DLC subscription service is Hearts Of Iron IV, launching today. Like the others, it’ll charge £4 per month. Or alternatively, you can still just buy DLC for keepsies. Read more

what-new-gaming-subscription-service-would-you-want? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

What new gaming subscription service would you want?

One-off purchases are out, and recurring payments are in. Subscription services are hot again, with publishers from EA to Ubisoft giving access to their games for monthly fees, Stadia charging for better cloud gaming, Fortnite considering fashion subs, and so many companies threatening to send boxes of tat to your door. So few seem worth it. But I’m curious: if you could create a new gaming subscription service, what would you want? I’d be tempted by The Sims. (more…)