‘interventions-are-needed’-to-improve-esports-athletes’-quality-of-sleep-and-mental-health,-according-to-new-uk-study-of-student-players ESports News UK

‘Interventions are needed’ to improve esports athletes’ quality of sleep and mental health, according to new UK study of student players

Caster and Story Mob comms strategist Ceirnan ‘Excoundrel’ Lowe gets some shut-eye at a UK LAN a few years ago A new research study claims to be the first to provide evidence that stress can predict mental ill health in esport athletes. It found, unsurprisingly, that stress, sleep problems, burnout and social phobia anxiety may all adversely impact esports players’ mental health. The study – carried out by researchers from the University of Chichester in collaboration with the University of Winchester and King’s College London – surveyed 313 student esports players who play either CSGO, Valorant or Rainbow Six Siege….

csgo-found-to-be-the-most-stress-relieving-shooter,-according-to-university-of-leeds-study-on-heart-rates-and-blood-pressure ESports News UK

CSGO found to be the most stress-relieving shooter, according to University of Leeds study on heart rates and blood pressure

For all its drama, smack-talking and screaming at LANs, Counter-Strike is apparently the most calming esports shooter out there. That’s according to a new study from human biology and psychology researchers at the University of Leeds, which investigated the physiological effects of stress related to gaming. The study by the UK university, commissioned by BetVictor, focused on popular FPS and battle royale games including Apex Legends, CSGO, Call of Duty Warzone and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Continue reading CSGO found to be the most stress-relieving shooter, according to University of Leeds study on heart rates and blood pressure

dark-souls,-fall-guys-and-mario-kart-are-the-most-stressful-games-you-can-play,-according-to-a-new-study VG247

Dark Souls, Fall Guys and Mario Kart are the most stressful games you can play, according to a new study

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 15 November 2020 12:47 GMT A new set of scientific research identifies Dark Souls III, Fall Guys and Mario Kart as the most stressful experiences you endure whilst gaming.A new study, conducted by BonusFinder in collaboration with sports scientists and competitive gamers, discovered that the average players’ average heart rate increases the most whilst playing Dark Souls, but Fall Guys and Mario Kart – games supposedly aimed at the more casual side of the gaming market – also have a pretty significant impact.In the study, 14 players were asked to play 16 of the most popular…