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minute-of-islands-review:-a-grim-world-drawn-in-a-wonderful,-elegant-way Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Minute Of Islands review: a grim world drawn in a wonderful, elegant way

Puzzle-platformer Minute Of Islands sort of feels like a fairytale. Like a lot of stories for kids, the narration is simple, almost sing-song and poetic in tone. It tells the story of Mo, a self-taught engineer who lives mostly underground, tending to the bio-mechanical engines operated by four giants – brothers, in fact. The brothers hand-crank the machines to filter and purify the air, which would otherwise become filled with poisonous fungal spores. When the engines break down one day, Mo must brave the surface, checking on her family and growing increasingly paranoid and bitter at her unappreciated sacrifice as…

say-no!-more-was-way-better-for-my-wellness-than-company-sponsored-mindfulness Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Say No! More was way better for my wellness than company-sponsored mindfulness

Welcome to spring/summer 2021, the year in which this endless hell enters its Thunderdome mode. We all stagger from our caves, blinking in the harsh daylight, to batter each other for the chance to order a pint and drink it in a freezing beer garden going “Yeah, it’s not actually that cold today, is it?” If you’re anything like me you’ll have already prepared by making knuckle dusters out of empty spaghetti hoop tins been getting loads of emails about wellness and mindfullness. I’ve been getting them from my hairdresser. I’ve been getting them from cheese companies that I signed…

cathartic-office-beat-’em-up-say-no!-more-is-out-now-and-looks-rad Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Cathartic office beat ’em up Say No! More is out now and looks rad

Saying “no” is tough, especially at work. We’ve all had ridiculous requests and nonsensical directives from superiors in past gigs, right? Never fear though, the way of the yes-man is coming to an end and the era of the no-folks is on the horizon. You can practice setting those boundaries right now in the silly beat ’em up Say No! More which challenges you, the intern, to put your dang foot down at last. Use the power of your voice to send your pushy co-workers flying through the office so they never steal your lunch again. Read more