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Street Fighter 5’s new content looks great – but all I really want is a new generation

Street Fighter 5 is getting better all the time. But after years of ups and downs, what I’m really after is Street Fighter 6. Respect to the Street Fighter 5 team. They’ve stuck with it. When I reviewed the game back in 2016, I described it as an excellent game with a content problem. Sherif was less charitable, brutally describing its launch package as a “fuck you to casual players”. He wasn’t wrong. But Capcom has worked bloody hard, and the end result is that Street Fighter 5 is one of the best and most content-rich fighters on the market….

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Dan arrives in Street Fighter 5 in February 2021

Dan is coming to Street Fighter 5 in February 2021, a little bit later than planned, Capcom has announced.We’re approaching Street Fighter 5’s fifth anniversary, and to celebrate, the developer is adding Dan Hibiki to the game – as well as working on the game’s next Season of content.In a video message, Street Fighter 5 producer Shuhei Matsumoto confirmed that the developer is still working on the upcoming Season, but noted difficulties stemming from Coivd-19 mean that the studio is slightly behind.“Year 2020 has been a difficult one due to the effects of Covid-19, having a significant impact on our life…