netflix-is-producing-a-live-action-pokemon-series-–-report VG247

Netflix is producing a live-action Pokemon series – report

By Dom Peppiatt 26 July 2021 18:33 GMT A new Pokemon live-action series is in early development at Netflix – with Lucifer’s Joe Henderson attached –  a new report from Variety has revealed.It looks like Netflix really is hungry for all the gaming content it can get. Further to shows based on gaming IP like Castlevania, Resident Evil, and The Witcher, Variety reports that the streaming giant is also working on a live-action Pokemon series.“As the project is still in its early days, no details are available about the plot,” says the site, though it does note that Joe Henderson is attached to write…

caedrel-joins-drx-as-its-official-global-streamer-and-will-co-stream-lck-matches ESports News UK

Caedrel joins DRX as its official global streamer and will co-stream LCK matches

British LEC caster and former pro League of Legends player, Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont, has joined South Korean esports organisation DRX as its official global streamer. The former League of Legends pro player – who left Excel Esports in late 2020 to focus on his career as a caster – has more than 100,000 followers on Twitch and 76,000 on Twitter. Caedrel has been embraced by the League of Legends community and this announcement is the latest development in his esports career. Continue reading Caedrel joins DRX as its official global streamer and will co-stream LCK matches

ubisoft-details-splinter-cell,-far-cry,-and-blood-dragon-animated-shows VG247

Ubisoft details Splinter Cell, Far Cry, and Blood Dragon animated shows

Netflix and Ubisoft have spilled the beans on more animated projects coming to the streaming platform soon, including details on Splinter Cell, a Far Cry, and Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix.Not content with taking over the videogame/TV market with The Witcher and Castlevania, Netflix is expanding further into the world of geekdom with more shows based on Ubisoft IP.First up, the Splinter Cell animated show will follow the exploits of an aged, haggard Sam Fisher. The tweet embedded below shows more or less all we know about the show so far – but it does a wonderful job of…

twitch-reducing-the-price-of-subscriptions-in-some-countries VG247

Twitch reducing the price of subscriptions in some countries

Twitch is taking steps to level out the cost of subscriptions internationally and has announced a change to subscription prices in efforts to make them “equally affordable” around the world.Traditionally, Tier 1 subscriptions on Twitch have set you back a flat $4.99 fee – no matter where you are in the world. Now, in efforts to make things fairer on the international community, Twitch has announced most territories outside the US will see lower costs for subscriptions.Turkey (9.90 TRY) and Mexico (48 Pesos) will be the first territories to see this change on May 20 before Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe,…

livestream-of-boulder-mass-shooting-raises-questions-about-what-youtube-and-twitch-should-allow Twitch

Livestream Of Boulder Mass Shooting Raises Questions About What YouTube And Twitch Should Allow

Yesterday, a shooter opened fire at the King Soopers store in Boulder, Colorado and killed 10 people. Not long after the attack, a streamer, Dean Schiller, arrived on the scene and broadcast to an audience that topped out at nearly 30,000 concurrent viewers. The resulting video has been viewed over 650,000 times. Despite the visible presence of bodies, YouTube has decided against taking it down. Twitch, however, has said it will remove any such footage.

twitch-star’s-‘never-ending’-stream-shows-no-signs-of-stopping,-despite-need-to-eat,-sleep Twitch

Twitch Star’s ‘Never-Ending’ Stream Shows No Signs Of Stopping, Despite Need To Eat, Sleep

Ludwig Ahgren, a Twitch streamer with nearly 2 million followers, has never been one to shy away from stunts. His latest is especially audacious, albeit probably not great for his long-term health: He’s running a “never-ending” marathon stream powered by subscriptions. Each subscription adds another 10 seconds to the total amount of time he’s required to stream. Sunday night, he went to sleep with 18 hours left on the clock. When he woke up on Monday, viewers had kicked in enough subs to boost it up to 27 hours. There’s no end in sight.

twitch-streamer-banned-twice-in-two-days-for-harassing-himself,-somehow Twitch

Twitch Streamer Banned Twice In Two Days For Harassing Himself, Somehow

It might be an understatement to say that popular Minecraft YouTuber and streamer George “GeorgeNotFound’’ Davidson had a weird weekend. Within two days, he got banned from Twitch, possibly un-banned, definitely banned again, and unbanned (again?). Why? “Harassment via username,” according to Twitch. Problem is, the only person he could have possibly been harassing was himself.

twitch’s-first-transparency-report-is-a-start,-but-streamers-want-more Twitch

Twitch’s First Transparency Report Is A Start, But Streamers Want More

Today, Twitch released its first-ever transparency report, a lengthy, stat-based look at the platform’s safety initiatives over the past year. It contains some interesting, albeit granular, information about Twitch’s efforts to cut down on hateful conduct, sexual harassment, and even terrorist propaganda. But it also fails to clear the haze from the question that has surrounded many of Twitch’s most perplexing decisions: Why?

twitch-removes-amazon’s-anti-union-ads-after-furious-streamer-response Twitch

Twitch Removes Amazon’s Anti-Union Ads After Furious Streamer Response

Earlier this week, it came to light that Twitch was running ads in blatant opposition to the Amazon warehouse worker unionization effort in Bessemer, Alabama. Streamers, who had no say in whether or not these ads appeared during their broadcasts, were outraged. Today, Twitch has removed the ads, saying that they never should have run in the first place.

surprise-ratchet-&-clank-animated-short-appears-on-crave-tv VG247

Surprise Ratchet & Clank animated short appears on Crave TV

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 14 February 2021 15:39 GMT A new Ratchet & Clank animated film has arrived on Canadian streaming service Crave TV, seemingly out of nowhere.Ratchet & Clank: Life of Pie appears to have launched on a streaming service with no prior announcement or fanfare, and was discovered by Reddit users shortly after its debut. You can see the listing for the film over on the Crave website.The animation was completed by the Mainframe – the same studio that made the Ratchet & Clank feature film back in 2016 – and was apparently completed in 2019.“While on an…