the-steam-autumn-sale-is-on,-as-are-steam-awards-nominations Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Steam Autumn Sale is on, as are Steam Awards nominations

Oh dear, is it that time already? Yes indeed, the Steam Autumn Sale has arrived, bringing the seasonal discounts on thousands of games. Awards season is upon as as well, so they’ve opened up nominations for the yearly Steam Awards. You can vote and reap the discounts from now until December 1st at 10am PST / 6pm GMT. (more…)

baldur’s-gate-3’s-next-patch-is-going-to-break-your-saves VG247

Baldur’s Gate 3’s next patch is going to break your saves

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 25 November 2020 15:21 GMT It sounds like Baldur’s Gate 3 players who racked up dozens of hours may soon be screwed.Baldur’s Gate 3 developer Larian has outlined plans for the game’s next patch, tentatively titled Patch 3. The update will be the first to actually bring changes to the game’s story.Unfortunately, this means past saves may not be compatible with the game after Patch 3 has been installed. This is going to be the case with other future patches, as Larian sees this evolution to be part of the early access process.For players who would…

horizon-zero-dawn-set-for-gog-launch-in-a-few-days VG247

Horizon Zero Dawn set for GOG launch in a few days

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 20 November 2020 17:55 GMT The former PS4-exclusive is making the leap to a new store.Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn is launching on PC storefront GOG later this month.In a blog post, the CD Projekt-owned store said that Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition would be released on November 24. This version of the game comes with the base release, plus the Frozen Wilds expansion, in addition to a wealth of character cosmetics and a digital artbook.Horizon Zero Dawn initially launched as a PlayStation 4 exclusive back in 2017. In its first two years in the wild,…

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PS5 Dualsense controllers already (mostly) work on Steam

The best thing about new console launches is that we get new controllers to play around with on the PC. I’ve been waiting months for the new PlayStation 5 Dualsense controller to drop through my letterbox, and now I can be sure it’ll work before it’s plugged in thanks to Valve’s recent announcement that they’ve already added support for Sony’s new pad on Steam. (more…)

blood-bowl-3-closed-beta-coming-early-2021 VG247

Blood Bowl 3 closed beta coming early 2021

Cyanide Studio’s latest take on the Games Workshop tabletop game, Blood Bowl 3, will enter closed beta early next year.Publisher Nacon and developer Cyanide have announced that any players that pre-order the game will be able to access the beta when it launches in early 2021.Currently, it seems to be only PC players that will get to demo the game early – the official blog post notes that players who pre-order Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition will get sent a Steam code to get into the Blood Bowl 3 closed beta “as soon as it opens in early 2021”.If you…

dark-souls,-fall-guys-and-mario-kart-are-the-most-stressful-games-you-can-play,-according-to-a-new-study VG247

Dark Souls, Fall Guys and Mario Kart are the most stressful games you can play, according to a new study

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 15 November 2020 12:47 GMT A new set of scientific research identifies Dark Souls III, Fall Guys and Mario Kart as the most stressful experiences you endure whilst gaming.A new study, conducted by BonusFinder in collaboration with sports scientists and competitive gamers, discovered that the average players’ average heart rate increases the most whilst playing Dark Souls, but Fall Guys and Mario Kart – games supposedly aimed at the more casual side of the gaming market – also have a pretty significant impact.In the study, 14 players were asked to play 16 of the most popular…

the-ps5’s-dualsense-controller-is-now-usable-on-steam VG247

The PS5’s DualSense controller is now usable on Steam

By Patrick Dane, Saturday, 14 November 2020 16:37 GMT The PS5’s DualSense controller can now be used on a PC, albeit with drawbacks.The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller can now be used on Steam, but many of its signature features are not yet compatible.The DualSense has been getting rave reviews both from the press and early adopters of the PS5. It’s one of the defining features of the system, setting it apart from the competition. The integration of the haptic feedback with many of the PS5 launch titles in particular, suggests the great potential.Here is some good news for PC players…

destiny-2:-beyond-light-aspect-of-control-guide-–-where-to-find-entropic-shards VG247

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Aspect of Control guide – Where to find Entropic Shards

There’s lots to be getting on with in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, including searching for some elusive Entropic Shards. Entropic Shards look like little Darkness Pyramids and can be found in various locations. You’ll probably have noticed they are immune to damage unless you’ve managed to progress through the main campaign and acquired Salvation’s Grip.As part of the Aspect of Control quest, which is part of the Born Into Darkness quest from the Exo Stranger, you’ll need to destroy five Entropic Shards.We’ve found nine so far, so here’s where you can find them. You can find our Stasis Prototype Quest:…

destiny-2:-beyond-light-–-where-to-find-the-perdition-lost-sector VG247

Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Where to find the Perdition Lost Sector

By Lauren Aitken, Wednesday, 11 November 2020 15:31 GMT There are many secrets to uncover on Europa in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, including some brand new Lost Sectors. Lost Sectors are often difficult to find but usually reward you with pretty decent weapon drops. They are filled with enemies and a boss or two that you’ll need to defeat before you can secure the goods. In this guide, we’ll be looking at where to find the Perdition Lost Sector on Europa. It’s one of the first Lost Sectors you’ll come across naturally, so here’s what you’re looking for.Once you’re able…

destiny-2:-beyond-light-–-how-to-get-the-fang-of-xivu-arath-artifact VG247

Destiny 2: Beyond Light – How to get the Fang of Xivu Arath Artifact

By Lauren Aitken, Tuesday, 10 November 2020 18:56 GMT There’s a new Artifact to claim in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, so here’s how to get your hands on it. Artifacts can be improved by selecting mods that can boost weapon damage, help you find more ammo and can ultimately increase your Power level.This season, you’ll be getting the Fang of Xivu Arath Artifact, but you’ll need to complete the opening mission first before you can get your hands on it.Destiny 2: Beyond Light – How to get the Fang of Xivu Arath ArtifactTo get started, log in and begin the…

destiny-2:-beyond-light-–-how-to-get-the-duality-exotic-shotgun VG247

Destiny 2: Beyond Light – How to get the Duality Exotic Shotgun

By Lauren Aitken, Tuesday, 10 November 2020 18:12 GMT Destiny 2: Beyond Light is here and there’s a brand new Exotic weapon up for grabs. < –more–>The Duality Exotic Shotgun is now in-game for Destiny 2: Beyond Light players but how do you get your gauntlets on it? Worry not, Guardians, for we have the answer.Destiny 2: Beyond Light – How to get the Duality Exotic ShotgunIf you have the premium Season Pass, you’ll be able to claim a Premium Rewards package for your class which is full of new seasonal treats.Alongside a set of Wild Hunt armour, you’ll also…

remastered-halo-4-comes-to-pc-master-chief-collection-next-week VG247

Remastered Halo 4 comes to PC Master Chief Collection next week

By Alex Calvin, Monday, 9 November 2020 15:40 GMT 2012’s Halo 4 is finally making the leap to PC.That’s according to the sci-fi shooter series’ official Twitter account, which announced that the game will be launching on PC for the first time as part of The Master Chief Collection on November 17.The description for a trailer for the game on YouTube describes this release as optimised for PC. Apparently Halo 4’s campaign as been “fully remastered,” too.Halo: The Master Chief Collection was released for Xbox One in November 2014 and featured the first four entries in the franchise. The compilation…

steam-is-playtesting-its-official-playtesting-feature Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam is playtesting its official playtesting feature

This summer, folks spotted a new playtesting button on the Steam store page for Total War: Elysium, that hadn’t been mentioned by Valve. Well, now they’ve officially released details about the new playtesting feature that developers can use as a new way to run limited-time testing periods without juggling special Steam keys. The feature is still in beta, they say, so it may yet change before they officially release it. Total War: Elysium is indeed running that playtest though, if it suits your fancy. (more…)

steam’s-payment-system-crashed-today-as-the-halloween-sale-was-ending Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam’s payment system crashed today as the Halloween sale was ending

Steam accidentally cooked up something truly frightening for the end of its Halloween sale. At some point today the store’s payment system appears to have crashed, preventing users from making purchases around the time the sale was scheduled to end. Sorry to you last-minute shoppers. The ability to purchase games through their store seems to currently have mixed results. (more…)

guild-wars-2-isn’t-coming-to-steam-for-a-bit,-arenanet-focuses-on-end-of-dragons VG247

Guild Wars 2 isn’t coming to Steam for a bit, ArenaNet focuses on End of Dragons

By Alex Calvin, Monday, 2 November 2020 16:06 GMT MMO Guild Wars 2 isn’t going to be coming to Steam any time soon.In a post on the game’s website, the developers at ArenaNet said that it had decided to put its Steam release “on hold for the time being.” The studio said that it was focusing all of its efforts on the upcoming Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion pack. That is currently on track for a release in 2021 after being revealed in March of this year.ArenaNet also said that it is working at full speed on a…

apex-legends-season-7-gameplay-trailer-shows-off-the-new-map VG247

Apex Legends Season 7 gameplay trailer shows off the new map

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 30 October 2020 16:50 GMT This new Apex Legends trailer gives you a look at the new map coming with Season 7.Along with a look at the new Olympus map in Apex Legends, the trailer shows off the new Trident hovercar, and the new Legend, Horizon,  an astrophysicist with a master of gravity.It also shows a quick look a The Clubs feature, which will give players a new way to establish a community and squad up with others.The game is also getting a new Battle Pass which comes with the Legendary Prowler Polished Perfection skin and…

steam’s-spine-chilling-halloween-sale-has-begun Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam’s spine-chilling Halloween sale has begun

A creak behind the door. A shiver down your spine. A shriek pierces your ear, but before you can turn and run, you see it – thousands of hapless videogames, slashed into pieces by big Gabe’s discount knife. Oh, The Steam Halloween Sale has very much begun, dear readers, chopping the recommended retail price out of the storefront’s finest games – be they spooky or otherwise. (more…)

the-steam-halloween-sale-is-on-now-until-november-2 VG247

The Steam Halloween Sale is on now until November 2

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 29 October 2020 19:02 GMT It’s time again for spooky savings as the Steam Halloween Sale is live.The Steam Halloween Sale is on now until November 2, and you will be able to save some money on horror and Halloween-themed games across the Steam catalog.The sale also features games that have Halloween-themed activities and updates.These include  The Long Dark’s Escape the Darkwalker Halloween Event, Dead By Daylight’s The Eternal Blight update, No Man’s Sky’s Halloween Update, Don’t Starve Together’s Return of Them: Forgotten Knowledge and Hallowed Nights, and more.Some games on sale include Graveyard Keeper for 66% off,  Subnautica for 30% off,  Metro: Last Light…

sea-of-thieves-update-fate-of-the-damned-has-arrived VG247

Sea of Thieves update Fate of the Damned has arrived

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 28 October 2020 20:02 GMT Fate of the Damned is the latest Sea of Thieves monthly update, and it’s available now and free for all players.In the Sea of Thieves update Fate of the Damned, skeletal Shadows of Fate are roaming the seas, and pirates must seek out Flames to fight back against this threat which will change week by week.This year, pirates will be dealing with  Shadows of Fate which are skeletons normally confined to the Fort of the Damned. Working together with the Bilge Rats, you will need to uncover the story behind the threat…