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steam’s-lunar-new-year-sale-is-here,-after-valve-said-it-wasn’t-going-ahead VG247

Steam’s Lunar New Year sale is here, after Valve said it wasn’t going ahead

The sale is part of an initiative led by Curve Games. If you log into Steam right now, you’ll find that the Lunar New Year sale is currently underway. This is despite Valve having said that it would be cancelled and replaced with a later, spring sale in March. With Death Stranding on sale again, here’s the reveal trailer for Death Stranding 2. Back in September of last year, Valve went ahead and detailed all of its anticipated sale dates. In that blog post, it also shared that the winter sale and Lunar New Year sale were too close to…

steam-winter-sale-arrives-tomorrow,-here’s-what-to-expect VG247

Steam Winter Sale arrives tomorrow, here’s what to expect

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. It’s once again time to spend our money on a dozen games we may never play. Steam sales often slash the price of many games on our wish lists in half, spurring us to commit to purchases we aren’t necessarily sure of. Every year, I use the Steam Winter Sale as an excuse to pick up a handful of games I’ve eyed up for months, but haven’t yet had the excuse to buy. It’s also a fantastic means of buying…

brace-yourselves,-the-steam-winter-sale-begins-december-22nd Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Brace yourselves, the Steam Winter Sale begins December 22nd

Valve have announced that the Steam Winter Sale will begin next week on December 22nd. I can already see myself standing in front of my mirror, chanting “I do not need more games” before sitting back down at my desk and splurging on everything I missed from this year’s RPS advent calendar. Valve have given us a peek at what’s going to be on sale, so click through to see what you should avoid buying until it starts. Read more

steam-summer-sale-kicks-off-today VG247

Steam Summer Sale kicks off today

Thousands of games on sale. The Steam Summer Sale has kicked off, and promises to save you a bit of coin. As usual, along with the sale, you will be able to acquire trading cards and craft badges for fun. There’s also some sort of mystery going on with a self-described time-traveling trickster named Clorthax. The character is selling “ten games from the far future” but for some reason can’t divulge the names of the games or “their exact location on Steam.” Instead, vague hints will be provided about the games. So, it’s some sort of seeking quest we reckon….

the-steam-summer-sale-kicks-off-next-week-on-june-23 VG247

The Steam Summer Sale kicks off next week on June 23

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Valve has announced the Steam Summer Sale will kick off next week on June 23. As well as offering discounts on various titles, there will be trading cards to collect, badges to craft, and points to earn toward buying wallpapers, profile images, and more. You may want to look out for mystery cards before the sale even begins, starting right now. Finding summer discounts on Steam will be a breeze as you can search by genre, sub-genre, tags, recommendations, and…

steam’s-winter-sale-has-begun-with-another-avalanche-of-game-deals Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam’s Winter Sale has begun with another avalanche of game deals

Everyone knows there are two conditions that must be met before Christmas can officially begin. The first is playing Skeal. The second is the arrival of Steam’s Winter Sale. Blissfully, we can now tick both of these objectives off our to-do list, as Valve have finally unleashed their flurry of seasonal deals. Between now and January 5th, thousands of games will be discounted across Steam, and you’ll also be able to claim a free sticker every day as well, for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing. Read more

here-are-the-rest-of-the-steam-sale-dates-for-2021 VG247

Here are the rest of the Steam Sale dates for 2021

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Seemingly fed up with the endless leaks that tend to predate Steam Sales, Valve has chosen the nuclear option and just published them all itself. If you’ve been online at all over the past few years, you know that Steam Sales leak. They leak all the time. Almost every year, there’s a leak. Look how easy it is for us to find links to stories about Steam Sale dates leaking. Well, no more: apparently fed up with the constant, predictable…

steam’s-open-world-sale-is-live,-runs-through-may-31 VG247

Steam’s Open World Sale is live, runs through May 31

By Stephany Nunneley 27 May 2021 19:12 GMT Valve has opened the doors on its Steam Open World Sale.Running today through May 31, the Steam Open World Sale features discounts on, well, open-world games.Watch on YouTubeGames on sale include Cyberpunk 2077 for 20% off, Sea of Thieves is 50% off, you can grab Red Dead Redemption 2 for 33% off, get 67% off Borderlands 3, The Witcher 3 will run you $7.99, and Monster Hunter World is 34% off.Other games on sale include: Rust, Black Desert Remastered, The Forest, Death Stranding, DayZ, No Man’s Sky, Star Wars Squadrons, The Outer…

the-steam-lunar-new-year-sale-has-kicked-off VG247

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale has kicked off

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 11 February 2021 18:11 GMT You can save on thousands of titles, now through February 15.Valve has kicked off the Steam Lunar New Year Sale and you can save some money on tens of thousands of titles, now through February 15 at 10am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm UK.You can also earn points again, and kick off the Year of the Ox with an animated profile, mini profile, avatar frame, and animated avatar.Bundles are now available in the Points Shop, and you can save 10% when you purchase a Points Shop Bundle. If you already own a…

steam’s-winter-sale-has-begun Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam’s Winter Sale has begun

If you listen quietly at this time of year, you’ll hear a faint jingling on the breeze. It’s not Santa though, oh no, it’s Valve’s jolly pockets jingling with anticipation as a Steam’s Winter Sale begins. That’s right folks, the seasonal deals are upon us: between now and January 5th, thousands of games will be discounted across Steam. The 5th annual Steam Awards are kicking off too, so go get your votes in while you can. (more…)

the-steam-autumn-sale-is-on,-as-are-steam-awards-nominations Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Steam Autumn Sale is on, as are Steam Awards nominations

Oh dear, is it that time already? Yes indeed, the Steam Autumn Sale has arrived, bringing the seasonal discounts on thousands of games. Awards season is upon as as well, so they’ve opened up nominations for the yearly Steam Awards. You can vote and reap the discounts from now until December 1st at 10am PST / 6pm GMT. (more…)