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dome-keeper-is-a-superbly-satisfying-wave-defence-game-about-fending-off-aliens-with-a-giant-laser Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Dome Keeper is a superbly satisfying wave defence game about fending off aliens with a giant laser

I realised earlier that today was the last day of Steam Next Fest, and I panicked. I remembered seeing one particular demo on Steam which made my ears prick up and my eyes expand to thrice their usual size, and until now I hadn’t the time to try it out. So today I carved out a small portion of the day to download and play the demo for Dome Keeper, a wave-based survival game about protecting your glass dome home from alien invaders using a gigantic laser. Unfortunately, I ended up playing it a little too long, and now I’ve…

terra-nil’s-demo-takes-steam-by-storm-and-then-mops-up-after-itself Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Terra Nil’s demo takes Steam by storm and then mops up after itself

Of all the demos featured in this past week’s Steam Next Fest, indie environmental ‘reverse city-builder’ Terra Nil has performed exceedingly well for itself. The demo has cropped up among the top 50 on the most-played games on Steam over the weekend, and is currently nestled between Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord and Vampire Survivors. Not bad for a chill game about rewilding a barren planet. Read more

the-best-in-new-worlds,-shooting-and-jank-from-survival-games-at-the-steam-next-fest Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The best in new worlds, shooting and jank from survival games at the Steam Next Fest

There’s something so intriguing about a new survival game. You just never know what you might find, with some becoming the best thing since cubed diamonds and others getting left in a state of endless early-access jank. Partly to help you all avoid the duds and partly to satisfy my own morbid curiosity, I trawled through this Summer’s Steam Next Fest demo list to test out a bunch. As you might expect, I got subjected to some chugging framerates and a bit of body horror, but also found some great multiplayer shooting in Dysterra and terrific tile-placement in Above Snakes,…

vampire-survivors-meets-newgrounds-in-this-steam-next-fest-demo Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Vampire Survivors meets Newgrounds in this Steam Next Fest demo

The auto-attacking action of Vampire Survivors and rude ‘tude of Flash games combines in Brotato, an upcoming indie game with a free demo available in the Steam Next Fest right now. We play as a potato dodging around waves of aliens while blasting them with sticks, stones, guns, knives, rocket launchers, and weird mutations. I mean it as a great compliment when I say the roguelikelike arena survive ’em up feels like a Newgrounds game. Read more

this-kafkaesque-steam-next-fest-demo-visits-a-towering-walled-city Rock,Paper,Shotgun

This Kafkaesque Steam Next Fest demo visits a towering walled city

Dear Esther meets Amnesia in The Silent Swan, an open-world walk-o-story set inside a mysterious walled land with two towering empty cities. It has a demo in the Steam Next Fest and I think I want more? I was drawn in by screenshots of vast Gothic architecture, put off by frustrating slowness, then kept interested by the mysteries of our fella adrift in his former home. It does, at the very least, have pleasingly giant buildings rising from fog. Read more

hypnospace-spin-off-slayers-x:-terminal-aftermath:-vengance-is-my-kind-of-retro-throwback Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Hypnospace spin-off Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance is my kind of retro throwback

If you played Hypnospace Outlaw, there’s a high chance you’ll remember Zane “Zane_Rocks_14” Lofton. He’s one of the more memorable characters you meet in Tendershoot’s alternate reality web simulator, an angsty teenage boy whose home page is slathered in camouflage textures and GIFS of exploding handguns. Since release, Zane has become one of Hypnospace’s de facto mascots, a beloved dweeb that is abrasive but also kind of painfully relatable? It’s hard to laugh at Zane’s baggy trousers and love for Linkin Park-esque rap-metal when you grew up in the mid-2000’s. I mean, we all bought a dog lead from Wilkinson’s…

steam-next-fest:-june-2022-edition-kicks-off-june-13 VG247

Steam Next Fest: June 2022 Edition kicks off June 13

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Another week of neat indie demos. Valve has announced its next Steam Fest will take place in June. Steam Next Fest: June 2022 Edition will start on June 13 and end the following week on June 20. As usual, you can expect tons of free demos from all sorts of upcoming games on Steam. This incentive gives developers a chance to start building an audience and gather early feedback on their games. While you’re checking out hundreds of cool demos…

my-friendly-neighborhood’s-steam-next-fest-demo-is-a-refreshingly-grown-up-take-on-old-horror-tropes Rock,Paper,Shotgun

My Friendly Neighborhood’s Steam Next Fest demo is a refreshingly grown-up take on old horror tropes

It’s no secret that I love horror games, but lately I’ve been going through a bit of a dry spell when it comes to finding upcoming titles to get excited about. I picked up the My Friendly Neighborhood Steam Next Fest demo to kill half an hour without many expectations, but what do you know, it’s shot right to the top of my indie horror wishlist. Read more

pharaoh:-a-new-era’s-demo-shows-that-i-had-no-idea-how-to-play-pharaoh Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Pharaoh: A New Era’s demo shows that I had no idea how to play Pharaoh

Like many, I was excited by the existence of Pharaoh: A New Era beacuse I played a lot of the original Pharaoh as a kid. There’s a demo of the big fancy remake on Steam as part of the Next Fest, and Katharine mentioned it made her realise she had no idea what she was supposed to be doing when playing Pharaoh back in the day. I then tried A New Era for myself, and can only say “big mood”. Read more

steam-next-fest:-february-2022-edition-–-here’s-just-some-of-the-demos-available VG247

Steam Next Fest: February 2022 Edition – here’s just some of the demos available

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Tons of indie demos are available at the push of a button. Steam Next Fest kicked off earlier this week, and there are tons of indie demos ready for you to download and play. Steam Next Fest: February 2022 Edition runs through February 28 and alongside demos, developers are taking part in livestreams to discuss their upcoming releases. There are also chats with the devs themselves, and this will continue for the duration. There will be demos available for titles…

lost-in-play-is-a-lovely-point-and-click-adventure-with-a-dash-of-professor-layton Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Lost In Play is a lovely point and click adventure with a dash of Professor Layton

Lots of games purport to feel like playable cartoons, but I really do mean it when I say that Happy Juice Games’ delightful point and click adventure Lost In Play feels like a playable cartoon. While the full game isn’t due out until the summer, I can confirm that its 30-minute Steam Next Fest demo is an absolute joy from start to finish. If you’re after a kid-friendly adventure in the vein of Röki but with an extra smidge of Professor Layton-style logic puzzles thrown in, this is the Next Fest demo for you. Read more

our-12-favourite-demos-from-february’s-steam-next-fest Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Our 12 favourite demos from February’s Steam Next Fest

Just in case you needed more games to play this week on top of Elden Ring and everything else coming out, you’ll be pleased to hear that Valve have just kicked off a brand-new edition of their indie demo extravaganza Steam Next Fest. Running from today until Monday February 28th, there are hundreds of new indie games for you try during this week-long festival, and to help you get started we’ve put together some personal highlights of the best demos we’ve played so far. Whether you’re after small, relaxing puzzle games or a new RTS to sink your teeth into,…

steam-next-fest-february-2022-edition-kicks-off-on-the-21st VG247

Steam Next Fest February 2022 Edition kicks off on the 21st

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Make some room for tons of neat indie demos. Quick bit of news for you: Valve has announced Steam Next Fest: February 2022 Edition will kick off in a couple of weeks, and as usual, developers from all over the world will have demos available for you to try. From February 21-28, you can play hundreds of demos from games with future releases on Steam. During this time, the developers will want to hear from you, and you will have…

i-have-a-lot-of-respect-for-the-storyteller-dev-for-finishing-something-after-a-decade Rock,Paper,Shotgun

I have a lot of respect for the Storyteller dev for finishing something after a decade

Storyteller has been in development for an age – over a decade, at the longest estimate. That’s a very long time. That’s about a third of my entire life. Invaders Must Die came out the same year developer Daniel Benmergui first started work on his fairytale puzzle game. To be fair, Invaders Must Die is a pretty bangin’ album, so logic would therefore dictate that Storyteller is going to be a pretty bangin’ game, too. Alice0 is certainly enamoured with the current demo you can play as part of the Steam Next Fest this week, and I’d strongly recommend you…