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the-scariest-thing-about-sons-of-the-forest…-is-a-finger VG247

The scariest thing about Sons of the Forest… is a finger

There’s a lot to be scared of in Endnight Games’ latest Steam Early Access project – but it’s the digits that do me in. Sons of the Forest is not for the faint of heart. There are corpses, cannibals, a breed of mutant whose entire torso is a row of teeth, and a whole range of other terrors. But nothing has come close to the sheer horror of a single finger. In case you think this is turning into a torrent of filth, I’ll clarify. The finger, or fingers in question, are attached to the game’s friendly NPCs, Kelvin and…

sons-of-the-forest-to-improve-ai-companions,-and-possibly-add-new-mode-of-transport VG247

Sons of the Forest to improve AI companions, and possibly add new mode of transport

There’ll also be a new enemy and crafting recipes eventually. Following a developer Q&A which occurred across both Reddit and Discord, players of Sons of the Forest have finally been given some answers about what to expect from the game in future (thanks, PC Gamer). Catch the trailer for Sons of the Forest right here. “We have big plans to keep adding tasks Kelvin can complete,” says Endnight Games. There are plans to possibly have the AI companion help construct defensive walls around our bases, while also repairing/fortifying bases when necessary. Right now, Kelvin is great for collecting building resources,…

sons-of-the-forest-is-a-glitchy-mess,-so-why-am-i-enjoying-it-so-much? VG247

Sons of the Forest is a glitchy mess, so why am I enjoying it so much?

Kelvin is also the most lovable pain in the ass I’ve ever met. Sons of the Forest released in Early Access on Steam just last week. So, of course, the highly-anticipated survival-horror title is going to have its issues. A predecessor, The Forest, launched to a similar fate in 2014, remained in Early Access for four years before fully releasing; in the end, it was fantastic. Catch the trailer for Sons of the Forest right here. I anticipate the exact same will become of Sons of the Forest. After all, the foundations for yet another terrifying title from Endnight Games…

v-rising-is-overhauling-the-magic-system-in-may’s-free-expansion Rock,Paper,Shotgun

V Rising is overhauling the magic system in May’s free expansion

Vampiric survival game V Rising continues its early access with a free expansion coming in May. It’s meaty, overhauling a few areas of the game including magic progression, spellcasting, and lair building in preparation for the endgame. But it’s also “giving you more of what you already love” with new weapons and spells, boss battles, areas, and factions. Quite a lot to sink your teeth into, then. Read more

afrofuturist-strategy-game-we-are-the-caretakers-leaves-early-access-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Afrofuturist strategy game We Are The Caretakers leaves early access today

After a year and a half, strategy RPG We Are The Caretakers leaves early access today. Caretakers will receive a new patch at launch, adding in the fourth Era of the campaign. This closes out the game’s story with five more missions, an end-game, and other final improvements. If you haven’t checked in with Caretakers since its launch in 2021, a lot has changed through its 10+ patches. Read more

norse-city-builder-land-of-the-vikings-looks-like-it-could-scratch-your-banished-itch VG247

Norse city builder Land of the Vikings looks like it could scratch your Banished itch

We come from the land of the ice and snow from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow. For those who like all things Viking, the city-builder survival sim Land of the Vikings might be right up your alley. Launched in Early Access today on Steam for $19.99, the developers describe the game as Frostpunk with Vikings, but if you ask me, it also has a bit of a Banished vibe to it. And that’s a good thing because I love that game, and have been hoping for a sequel for ages.. In development at Laps Games and to…

moonbreaker-playtests-are-starting-this-week,-here’s-how-to-sign-up VG247

Moonbreaker playtests are starting this week, here’s how to sign up

Check out the game prior to its launch later this month! The latest from Subnautica developer, Unknown Worlds, is turn-based tabletop game Moonbreaker. Set in a sci-fi universe, players will be able to collect and digitally paint their own figurines before showing them off during play; something my inner painter is excited for! Catch the trailer for Moonbreaker right here, if you’re still not too sure on what to expect. While Moonbreaker is set to launch in Steam’s Early Access later this month on September 29, playtests are currently being arranged for those who want to try out the game…

vampire-survival-game-v-rising-sells-over-500,000-copies-within-three-days VG247

Vampire survival game V Rising sells over 500,000 copies within three days

And it’s only in Early Access. Swedish game developer Stunlock Studios have announced V Rising, its open-world vampire survival game, has sold over 500,000 copies after releasing on Steam Early Access. The feat was accomplished within three days, as the game went live on the service May 17. As of press time, there are currently 112,906 folks playing V Rising on Steam, which is currently the highest it’s peaked. We look for more folks to join in on the vampire fun over the weekend. The game features servers with up to 50 players, where you will build yourself a magnificent…

v-rising-is-a-vampiric-valheim-you-shouldn’t-miss-out-on Rock,Paper,Shotgun

V Rising is a vampiric Valheim you shouldn’t miss out on

Look at V Rising‘s Steam store page and you’d wave it off in a heartbeat. Middling art sits atop a generic description that does its very best to not sell the game. “Hunt for blood in nearby settlements… conquer the land of the living.” Alrighteyyy, then. Screenshots show what could be any other isometric RPG like Path Of Exile or something – anything. So, you dive in expecting an average time. One characterised by little more than two palms on the knees once you’ve closed it down, then a big stand and a wordless stretch. But no! V Rising is…

warstride-challenges-is-an-fps-where-your-greatest-enemy…-is-yourself Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Warstride Challenges is an FPS where your greatest enemy… is yourself

Warstride Challenges is a retro-inspired FPS that’s also a rally game at heart. The game rules and I am smitten with it, mainly because it puts my FPS acumen through its paces: aim, movement, and shrimp-back are all subject to rigorous testing. But the game also appeals to a primal, competitive side of me. The one that’s desperate to beat my rival Patrick, a bot who’s literally programmed to be really good, and Edders, a ghostly version of myself who either strokes my ego or shatters it to pieces. Read more

warstride-challenges-is-an-ultra-fast-fps-with-a-rally-racing-spirit Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Warstride Challenges is an ultra fast FPS with a rally racing spirit

Warstride Challenges is an early access FPS that takes the retro shoot ’em up and straps it in a rally car. Each level is a course with straights and corners and demons. You must cross the finish line as fast as you possibly can, but the chequered flag only springs up if you’ve turned every demon along the way into a red paste. The game is an FPS for perfectionists and speed junkies who want to look cool. It’s quite literally a time attack with a learning curve that’s worth investing in. Sure, the littlest mistakes can mean disaster, but…

valheim-celebrates-anniversary-by-teasing-the-mountain-update VG247

Valheim celebrates anniversary by teasing the Mountain update

You’ll be heading into the mountains with the next update. Iron Gate is celebrating the first anniversary of Valheim with a couple of teaser images for the Mountain update, which is slated for release in early 2022. Today, February 2, marks an entire year since Valheim first launched, and as part of the celebration, the game has been discounted through the Steam Lunar Sale. Instead of the usual $19.99, it’s on sale for 25% off at $14.99 now and through the weekend. The studio also announced it is bringing the game to Steam Deck and is working on ensuring it…

nightingale-announced-at-the-game-awards,-a-shared-world-survival-game-made-by-ex-bioware-staff VG247

Nightingale announced at The Game Awards, a shared-world survival game made by ex-Bioware staff

Improbable and Inflexion Games have revealed Nightingale, the studio’s first title, during The Game Awards. Tonight at The Game Awards, Improbable and Inflexion Games (the studio formally known as Improbable Canada) revealed Nightingale. The old-fashioned looking game is “a shared-world survival crafting game set within a rich Victorian gaslamp fantasy setting”, a combination of words which is certainly a first for us. “Thrown into a labyrinth of fantastical and perilous worlds in the wake of a magical cataclysm, players must venture through mystical portals to explore increasingly dangerous realms, in search of the last haven of humanity, Nightingale,” reads a…

baldur’s-gate-3-update-overhauls-visuals,-adds-sorcerer-class-and-new-area-to-explore VG247

Baldur’s Gate 3 update overhauls visuals, adds Sorcerer class and new area to explore

The latest update is a biggie. The sixth major update for Baldur’s Gate 3 has been detailed by Larian. Information on the patch was provided during the fourth Panel From Hell live show. Baldur’s Gate 3’s sixth and largest major patch, Forging the Arcane, introduces a new playable Sorcerer class, as well as the new region known as Grymforge. Grymforge continues your journey past the previous point where Early Access ended, progressing the story a little further, with new enemies, and new quests and characters to meet. Though Grymforge offers new challenges, it’s across the entire Early Access experience that…

red-faction:-guerrilla-dev-has-a-new-destructive-game Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Red Faction: Guerrilla dev has a new destructive game

Destroying stuff in video games is a real joy, especially if there’s some decent physics-based crumble to be had. Instruments Of Destruction aims to channel this energy into an early access release later this year. It’s a game about designing vehicles that live to smash into buildings, and is the work of former Red Faction: Guerrilla lead tech designer, Luke Schneider. Read more