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epic’s-tool-for-creating-human-faces-is-out-in-early-access-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Epic’s tool for creating human faces is out in early access now

A few weeks ago Epic showed off MetaHuman Creator, a new development tool designed to make it easier to create believable human faces. Now you can sign-up to get an early access version of it, meaning you can try it out if you’re i) a game developer interested in the future of character design or ii) a curious onlooker wondering whether you can use it to recreate the Gigaknight. Read more

is-mount-&-blade-2:-bannerlord-better-after-a-year-in-early-access? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Is Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord better after a year in early access?

15 years feels like both a long time and none at all, considering how much was crammed into them. In the 15 years since I first played Mount & Blade, there’s little that hasn’t changed in games, and yet it still has very few direct competitors other than its own sequels. It also feels like 15 years since Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord entered Early Access in late March 2020. At that time, it felt far too leaky to write conclusively about. Even after some urgent patching, I had too many reservations to give it more than a “wait and…