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Nier: Automata is finally getting a patch on Steam

As much as I adore Nier: Automata (degree: a lot), I cannot deny the PC version is a bit bum and has been since it launched four years ago. It’s daft that we’ve had to use a fan-made fix to run it in the correct resolution or stop cutscenes stuttering. Square Enix did us dirty. But oh my giddy aunt, the stars have aligned and today they finally announced an “upgrade patch” for the post-apocalyptic RPG’s Steam version. Presumably with the fixes from the recent Microsoft Store edition? Read more

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Outriders cross-play now working as intended across Xbox, PlayStation and PC

It’s been a rocky road for Square Enix and People Can Fly, but cross-play in Outriders is finally working as intended across all platforms.Though People Can Fly pushed out the games’ latest update on Friday (April 9), the game still hasn’t quite been playing ball over the weekend.PC, PS4, and PS5 players have been able to play with each other for the last few days, but as of today (April 12), the Xbox servers are working properly, too, and cross-play is now once again fully operational.Watch on YouTube“We’re a little bit delayed on the Xbox version of this patch, but…

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Final Fantasy 14 gets a new set of trophies when it arrives on PS5 tomorrow

By Dom Peppiatt 12 April 2021 17:09 GMT Trophy hunters rejoice! Final Fantasy 14 will be getting a wholly new set of trophies when the PS5 version launches into open beta later this week.Final Fantasy 14 will go into open beta on PS5 April 13 alongside the release of Patch 5.5, and it looks like Square Enix is bringing an additional bonus to anyone that wants to play the game on Sony’s latest hardware, too: a brand-new trophy list.As per trophy lists gathered by Exophase and TrueTrophies, the game is set to receive a massive 91 achievable awards on PS5 for…

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Outriders Expeditions | Solo play, rewards, and Expeditions list

Expeditions are a series of unique post-game challenges in Outriders.Watch on YouTubeSince Outriders doesn’t feature the live service elements common to many other looter-shooters, Expeditions are designed to function similarly to the regularly updating challenges in games like Destiny 2.If you’ve finished the Outriders story, but aren’t ready to leave the world or your character behind just yet, the Expeditions serve as an epilogue to the game — but are also a challenge mode where you can pit your best equipment, skills, and mods against some of Enoch’s toughest enemies. How do Expeditions work in Outriders? Can you play Expeditions…

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Outriders’ inventory wipe bug is making players angry over losing everything

Outriders’ troubles with one of its biggest bugs may not be over.The Outriders launch has been a serious of problems. From server outages that lasted for two days, to bugs and constant crashes, to cross-play not working as advertised. It’s safe to say things could have gone smoother.Watch on YouTubeBut one particular problem that first reared its ugly head in the demo, has now returned, only its effects are exponentially more disastrous now. That being the inventory wipe bug, which is as dire as it sounds: taking away all of the player’s gear and weapons when it occurs and leaving…

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Outriders players are being offered an appreciation package for launch woes

Due to some problems with Outriders at launch, People Can Fly is handing out an appreciation package to make up for any issues you may have faced.According to the developer, there were some issues with connectivity over the launch weekend of Outriders (thanks, Massively OP).People Can Fly said the issue stemmed from the externally hosted database seeing issues that only appeared at extreme loads.“After working on Outriders for more than five years, we were as disappointed as you that the launch weekend did not go as planned,” said People Can Fly. “We ran into connectivity issues, [but] our team worked…

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Outriders Yagak | How to beat Yagak at the Hilltop Monastery

You’ve been in some difficult situations up to this point, but Yagak is probably the most difficult boss in Outriders so far. If you’re playing on a higher difficulty level, dealing with Yagak can seem like pure luck – and that’s because it is. Watch on YouTubeCombining uber-powerful attacks, ridiculous mobility, and a deluge of buddies ready to swarm you at a moment’s notice, this boss fight in the Hilltop Monastery can be very hard, but is not impossible. Here’s what you need to do to defeat Yagak in Outriders. How to beat Yagak in OutridersDespite fighting Yagak in a…

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Best Outriders Mods | All Equipment Mods and how to get them

One of the outstanding features of Outriders is its mod system, which allows you to break down any weapon or armour piece for its mods and reapply them to other items.Watch on YouTubeThere are hundreds of mods in this game, spanning approximately fourteen different categories when broken down by item type, quality tiers, and the character classes that can equip them. This amount of variety can be overwhelming; so in this guide we’ll be outlining all the different mods by group, as well as recommending some of our favourites. Best Outriders Mods — Our favourites Tier 1 Armour Mods Tier…

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4 reasons why you should give Outriders a chance

By Dorrani Williams 9 April 2021 13:54 GMT If you don’t like Outriders I understand why, but there’s good there if you look for it.Outriders gives you so many reasons to dislike it, especially in the opening hours. Honestly, it seems like for every good thing it does, it gives you three bad in return. This is not a good ratio to have but I gave it a chance anyway, and ended up liking the game more than I expected to.Watch on YouTubeI approached Outriders with the lowest expectations I’ve ever had while playing a new looter shooter, (let’s just…

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Neo: The World Ends With You releasing July 27 on PS4 & Switch, with a PC version coming to Epic in the summer

By Alex Donaldson 9 April 2021 11:51 GMT A release date, new platform, and more for this long-awaited sequel to a cult classic. Square Enix has revealed that Neo: The World Ends With You will release on July 27. That release date is for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions of the game, while a PC release will follow at some point during summer 2021 – but that PC release will follow in the footsteps of the Kingdom Hearts series as an Epic Games Store exclusive.Watch on YouTubeYou can see the new trailer in the embed above – it…

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Outriders gifting players “appreciation package” to apologise for launch woes

People Can Fly’s new third-person looter shooter Outriders had a rough start to life when it launched last week, with performance issues on PC and a fair amount of server downtime. To make up for the frustration caused by the launch fuss, they’re gifting players an “appreciation package”, which will contain things like a legendary weapon and other goodies. They’ve also revealed some of the fixes coming in the game’s first big patch, which is scheduled for next week. Read more

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Neo: The World Ends With You is coming to PC too

Square Enix today announced that Neo: The World Ends with You, the sequel to 2007’s The World Ends With You from Nintendo DS, will indeed be coming to PC too. Initially they’d only confirmed it for Switch and PS4. Like the recent Kingdom Hearts PC releases, it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. But still, it’s good to see Squeenix bringing more of their RPGs our way. Read more

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Outriders Chrysaloid | How to beat the forest boss

By this point in Outriders the Anomaly has thrown at lot your way, but now one of Enoch biggest beasts blocks your path: the Chrysaloid. While you’ve gone toe-to-toe with some giant bosses already – you’ve never faced anything quite as angry as the Chrysaloid so far. This is a multi-phased battle, just like the Molten Acari at the top of the volcano, and requires some careful tinkering with your loadout to defeat. At first, because its attacks are so different from the other enemies in Outriders, it can feel like the Chrysaloid is pretty unfair – but once you…

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Outriders is full of great ideas and strange decisions

When Outriders gets it right, it gets it really right. Flashing forward into a gawking group of goons, one swish of an Altered arm sizzles bones out of bodies with a bolt of blue lightning. Falling back out of the hail of bullets, I take a second to recharge and drop a defensive ability while my others are on cooldown, popping off a few longer-range shots which explode into a volley of fireworks on impact. This is Outriders at its frenetic best. High-intensity action combining flashy and powerful abilities with gung ho, trigger-happy enemies in a non-stop slugfest – but…

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Marvel’s Avengers and Borderlands 3 headline April’s PlayStation Now offerings

By Dom Peppiatt, Tuesday, 6 April 2021 11:17 GMT Sony has announced April 2021’s PlayStation Now games, and Marvel’s Avengers and Borderlands 3 headline the titles that you’ll be able to download this month.If you haven’t tried out the superhero-fueled cooperative action of Marvel’s Avengers just yet, but you’re keen to put Square Enix’s curious action title through its paces, you’re in luck – PlayStation Now subscribers can download and play the full title until July 5.If you prefer looter shooters, though, you can opt to try out Gearbox Software’s Borderlands 3 instead, which will be available on the service…