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the-diofield-chronicle-review:-an-understated,-under-marketed-strategy-rpg-romp-that-deserves-better VG247

The DioField Chronicle review: An understated, under-marketed strategy RPG romp that deserves better

The DioField Chronicle feels like it’s been sent to die as some mega-niche undertaking, but it’s nevertheless a pleasingly experimental tactical RPG adventure. The DioField Chronicle has been released, and it’s seemingly pretty much already forgotten. This latest Square Enix strategy RPG is thoughtful, interesting, and flawed – though also pleasantly brisk. It deserves better than it’s getting. Check out the trailer for The DioField Chronicle here. What it’s getting, by the way, feels like the pretty classic small game from Square Enix treatment. It got a surprisingly big-time announcement, making its debut in one of Sony’s high-profile State of…

take-two-drops-people-can-fly’s-new-game,-two-years-into-development VG247

Take-Two drops People Can Fly’s new game, two years into development

People Can Fly has shared yet another piece of bad news that could put its future into question. As part of its latest financial report, Polish developer People Can Fly announced an update on the development of Project Dagger. The new action-adventure IP has been in the works for two years as part of a publishing agreement with Take-Two. The developer has now revealed that it’s parting ways with Take-Two, leaving it with a few options as to how to proceed. Outriders didn’t set the world on fire. According to People Can Fly’s announcement, Take-Two shared its intent to terminate…

nier:-automata-ver1.1a-anime-adaptation-gets-a-january-release-date-and-a-first-proper-trailer VG247

Nier: Automata Ver1.1a anime adaptation gets a January release date and a first proper trailer

The anime will apparently be slightly different to the game. The first proper trailer for the Nier: Automata anime has been released, as well as setting a release date for this January. Nier: Automata Ver1.1a (because it wouldn’t be a Nier piece of media if it didn’t have some kind of weird name) received a lengthy trailer yesterday (September 24) showing off the anime in action for the first time, and even featured since insider details from Yoko Taro and the anime’s director Ryoji Masayuma. It also confirmed a release date for the anime, which will be available to watch…

octopath-traveler-2-coming-to-pc-on-february-24th-2023 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Octopath Traveler 2 coming to PC on February 24th 2023

Square Enix’s original HD-2D game Octopath Traveler is getting a sequel, releasing on February 24th 2023. The surprise announcement during today’s Nintendo Direct showed a little bit of what to expect from the game, which is also coming to PC on the very same day. Check out the first trailer below. Read more

babylon’s-fall-is-shutting-down-in-february-2023,-just-before-its-first-birthday Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Babylon’s Fall is shutting down in February 2023, just before its first birthday

Troubled live-service action RPG Babylon’s Fall will close its doors on February 28th 2023, Square Enix and developers Platinum Games have revealed today. The game had struggled to make an impact since its launch on March 3rd earlier this year, with concurrent player counts dropping to zero at times. It hadn’t looked good from the early days when, as we pointed out, Platinum Games were tweeting statements that Babylon’s Fall’s wasn’t “in danger” just two weeks following its launch. Read more

despite-promising-that-servers-won’t-shutdown,-babylon’s-fall-is,-in-fact,-shutting-servers-down VG247

Despite promising that servers won’t shutdown, Babylon’s Fall is, in fact, shutting servers down

Babylon’s Fall will close down shop before it’s even been a year. PlatinumGames has announced this morning that development will not continue on Babylon’s Fall, and that the game’s live services are being terminated. This also means, given that Babylon’s Fall is an online-only game, that no one will be able to play it once servers are shutdown. The developer announced February 27, 2023 as the last day anyone will be able to play the online action RPG, meaning Babylon’s Fall will have lasted less than a year since its release in March this year. “With the desire of delivering…

forspoken-looks-like-a-faster,-zippier-ff15-in-fiery-new-gameplay-footage Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Forspoken looks like a faster, zippier FF15 in fiery new gameplay footage

Fantasy action RPG Forspoken has been delayed more times than most games, although it’s finally pencilled in for a January release date. We’re still quite a way off from then, but Sony have released a smattering more gameplay footage today, detailing the moves you’ll be pulling as heroine Frey “I’m seeing freaking dragons” Holland. Alas, said footage has been crushed down to only a handful of GIFs over on the PlayStation Blog, but our friends at Eurogamer have a bigger, chunkier hands on preview that tells us more about why it won’t be mega cringe. Alas, we weren’t privy to…

square-enix-dive-headfirst-into-the-uncharted-waters-of-blockchain-gaming Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Square Enix dive headfirst into the uncharted waters of blockchain gaming

Japanese publishers Square Enix are taking more steps to implement the controversial blockchain technology in their games. Squenix have teamed with blockchain company Oasys, who describe themselves as “environmentally-friendly”. This is because of their less energy-intensive “proof-of-stake” mechanism compared to “proof-of-work” methods such as those used in Bitcoin mining. Oasys’s plans fits with Squenix’s intention to develop tokenised economies built on blockchain in their future games. Read more

nier:-automata’s-mystery-church-hoax-mod-is-now-available-to-download VG247

Nier: Automata’s mystery church hoax mod is now available to download

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Live out the mystery yourself. That mysterious Nier: Automata church that ended up being a genuinely impressive mod is now available for everyone to download, so get your praying knees ready. Back in July the internet was abuzz with this strange situation where it looked like an entire, previously undiscovered area of Nier: Automata had been found by just some random person on Reddit. But as it turns out, it was actually a bit of a hoax organised by a…

nintendo-gives-us-a-nice-long-look-at-stardew-valley-meets-final-fantasy-game-harvestella VG247

Nintendo gives us a nice long look at Stardew Valley meets Final Fantasy game Harvestella

Plant crops and head out on classic JRPG adventures. Square Enix’s upcoming farming-sim X action game Harvestella was shown off in the latest Nintendo: Treehouse Live. If you’re part of the venn diagram of fans that sits in between Stardew Valley and Final Fantasy, Harvestella will likely be for you. And thanks to Nintendo, we’ve been given a nice long look at the game. Unsurprisingly, the game starts with the player character experiencing a bout of amnesia, as any good game does, throwing you into a world where the seasons are dictated by four huge crystals, which sounds like the…

harvestella-demonstrates-its-delightful-vegetable-names Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Harvestella demonstrates its delightful vegetable names

Harvestella is Square Enix’s chill life simulation game about farming and crystals. It was announced back in June, but a trunk of new details was released today including a lengthy video demonstration in the middle of Nintendo’s Treehouse livestream at Gamescom. Watch it below, if only to read the delightful vegetable names. Read more

the-diofield-chronicle-is-shaping-up-to-be-real-time-fire-emblem-meets-final-fantasy Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The DioField Chronicle is shaping up to be real-time Fire Emblem meets Final Fantasy

Square Enix have made a vast array of RPGs over the years, but rarely have they ventured into the realm tactics and strategy games. A couple of big names come to mind, the obvious one being Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre if you count their PSP remake of Quest’s SNES original, and most recently, Triangle Strategy on the Switch. Outside of that, though, it’s all a bit barren, which is why the real-time tactical sword-swinging of their upcoming strategy RPG The DioField Chronicle is such an interesting landgrab for them. To say they’re pushing into new territory would be an…

final-fantasy-14-online-patch-6.2,-buried-memory,-has-a-release-date VG247

Final Fantasy 14 Online patch 6.2, Buried Memory, has a release date

Build and customize your own personal farm on a deserted island. A release date has been set for Final Fantasy 14 Online patch 6.2, Buried Memory. Releasing August 23, provided during the latest Letter from the Producer Live broadcast presented by producer and director Naoki Yoshida, the news was accompanied by a new trailer and information on the latest chapter that includes fresh battle challenges and the Island Sanctuary. During the broadcast, Yoshida offered viewers a demonstration of Island Sanctuary, a new type of casual solo content that allows you to build and customize your own farm on a deserted…

dragon-quest-builders-2-showed-us-the-potential-of-minecraft-clones-–-so-where’s-dragon-quest-builders-3? VG247

Dragon Quest Builders 2 showed us the potential of Minecraft clones – so where’s Dragon Quest Builders 3?

It’s been four years since the best Minecraft clone hit the market, and the genre still goes largely unloved. What gives? It’s not uncommon for those who would consider themselves ex-Minecraft players to feel the game’s siren call float to the back of their mind every once in a while, launching that nostalgia-driven urge to start over in a new world. Whether it’s returning to survival mode to aimlessly punch trees, or finally committing to recreating Hobbiton using creative mode and a rich suite of mods, there’s no denying that Minecraft has an enduring appeal and a malleable blend of…

“crown-jewel”-of-srpgs-tactics-ogre:-reborn-comes-to-pc-on-november-11th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

“Crown jewel” of SRPGs Tactics Ogre: Reborn comes to PC on November 11th

Strategy RPG revamp Tactics Ogre: Reborn is coming to PC exclusively for Steam on November 11th, confirming earlier leaks. This “crown jewel” of tactical role-playing, according to Square Enix, is being updated with enhanced graphics and sound, fully-voiced cutscenes and a redesigned battle system. Watch the announcement trailer below and pretend it’s 1995 again. Read more