nba-2k22-best-builds-for-center,-power-forward,-shooting-guard,-and-more VG247

NBA 2K22 best builds for center, power forward, shooting guard, and more

Dominate the meta and excel your MyCareer with these builds. If you want to succeed in MyCareer or online, You’ll need to put your time and effort into NBA 2K22 best builds. Playing to each role’s unique strengths might sound obvious, but the way NBA 2K22’s builds influence stats is a bit tricky to get used to. Our best builds list has a solid set that should see you well into your career. NBA 2K22 best builds | Best next-gen center build Your center has a lot of responsibility, and while you could opt for a power build to help…

madden-22-training-values-and-how-to-get-more-training-points VG247

Madden 22 training values and how to get more training points

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Knowing Madden 22 training values is key to getting the most training points from your sells. You’ll need these points to upgrade your best players and have half a chance at succeeding in Madden Ultimate Team mode. Fortunately, you’ll likely end up with plenty of cards to sell for training points the more you play. Madden 22 training values | How to get Madden 22 training points You can earn training points through completing MUT challenges, but this isn’t the…

wolves-become-first-football-club-to-participate-in-the-honor-of-kings-pro-league ESports News UK

Wolves become first football club to participate in the Honor of Kings Pro League

Premier League football club Wolves have become the first traditional football club to enter China’s King Pro League (KPL) esports tournament. Wolves parent company Fosun Sports has acquired Honor of Kings esports team Chongqing QGhappy. QGhappy will now become part of the Wolves Esports family, and change their name to Chongqing Wolves. They will continue to be the home team of South West China’s Chongqing and take part in the new season of one of the world’s top mobile esports professional leagues. Continue reading Wolves become first football club to participate in the Honor of Kings Pro League

efootball-2022-will-deliver-a-feature-rich-first-season-to-konami’s-free-to-play-sports-platform VG247

eFootball 2022 will deliver a feature-rich first season to Konami’s free-to-play sports platform

The first update will bring Creative Teams and coincides with the mobile launch of the platform. Konami announced today that its new free-to-play sports platform eFootball 2022 will receive its first season of content on September 30 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. The update will also mark the launch of the platform on iOS and Android. At launch, eFootball 2022 will feature the ability to play against nine different real-world teams either offline or online. The teams featured are FC Barcelona, FC Bayern München, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal FC, SC Corinthians Paulista, CR Flamengo, CA…

rocket-league-season-4-adds-new-modes-and-a-new-car,-launches-tomorrow VG247

Rocket League Season 4 adds new modes and a new car, launches tomorrow

By Dom Peppiatt 10 August 2021 20:09 GMT Rocket League Season 4 launches later this week on every platform you can play the game on, and it’s bringing a fair amount of new content with it.Rocket League developer Psyonix has finally announced the release date for Season 4 of Rocket League. The new Season is due to go live on August 11 (tomorrow). In terms of the Rocket League Season 4 start time, we tend to see it go live around 8AM PT / 11AM ET / 4PM BST. That’s just a rough guide, though.As has beome standard for the game since…

riders-republic-beta-set-to-kick-off-on-august-23 VG247

Riders Republic beta set to kick off on August 23

Ubisoft has announced when the beta for Riders Republic kicks off.The Riders Republic beta will be held August 23-25 on PlayStation and Xbox systems, as well as PC on both Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Launcher. It will be available for pre-load from August 21, and players will be able to send a beta invitation to two friends.Watch on YouTubeDuring the beta, testers will be given a glimpse of three careers such as Bike Races, Snow Tricks, and Air Sports.Players can also compete in the following multiplayer modes: Mass Races: The crazier the better in these epic, multisport races…

the-efootball-coming-this-autumn-is-basically-a-demo VG247

The eFootball coming this autumn is basically a demo

By Sherif Saed 3 August 2021 13:27 GMT Konami has revealed more details about the initial launch of eFootball.In case you missed it, Konami announced last month that it’s renaming its football series PES to eFootball, and making it free-to-play. The game’s initial launch is set for sometime this autumn, with a subset of features and a handful of teams.Watch on YouTubeIn a new Twitter FAQ, Konami addressed some concerns, and answered a few of the more common questions. First, Konami explained that the version going live this autumn should be thought of as more of a demo. Everything in…

forza-motorsport-7-is-getting-delisted-in-september Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Forza Motorsport 7 is getting delisted in September

Forza Motorsport 7 is driving off into the sunset in September. Turn 10 Studios have announced that Motorsport 7 is reaching its “end of life” status, which mostly means they’re removing any way for you to buy it. It’s a routine part of the Forza game lifecyle, they explain, so they’ve got plans in place for current owners to keep playing online and Xbox Game Pass folks to snag a permanent copy. Read more

rainbow-six-extraction-delayed-to-2022,-rider’s-republic-delayed-to-october VG247

Rainbow Six Extraction delayed to 2022, Rider’s Republic delayed to October

By Stephany Nunneley 16 July 2021 17:54 GMT Ubisoft has delayed two of its games. Rainbow Six Extraction and Rider’s Republic have both been delayed by Ubisoft. Watch on YouTubePlanned for a September 16 release, the next Rainbow Six will instead be released in January 2022. “Our ambition with Rainbow Six Extraction is to deliver a full-fledged AAA experience that changes the way you play and think about cooperative games,” said Ubisoft in a statement. “With unique features like Missing In Action or The Sprawl, every mission is set to be a tense and challenging experience in which you’ll lead…

fifa-22-on-pc-will-be-based-on-the-last-gen-console-versions Rock,Paper,Shotgun

FIFA 22 on PC will be based on the last-gen console versions

If you’re into football games on the PC and had hoped that EA would consider it ‘next-gen’ enough to combine FIFA 22 with their fancy HyperMotion tech, a mixture of mo-cap and machine learning for player animations, then you have very specific tastes. Also, you’re out of luck. FIFA 22 on the PC will once again be cast from the ancient ‘last-gen’ console versions, relying solely on motion capture to convey the silky moves of Ian Football Jr. You need to know what it is in order to know what you’re missing out on. The tech is so integral to…

only-the-ultimate-edition-of-fifa-22-will-come-with-a-next-gen-upgrade VG247

Only the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22 will come with a next-gen upgrade

By Dom Peppiatt 12 July 2021 17:09 GMT If you buy the Standard Edition of FIFA 22 on PS4 or Xbox One, you will not be able to upgrade to the next-gen versions for free – that privilege is locked behind the more expensive version.Unlike last year’s FIFA 21, where you could upgrade your game for free if you purchased it on the last generation of hardware, only FIFA 22’s Ultimate Edition ($99.99 / £89.99) will come with Dual Entitlement, making it more expensive for players that plan to upgrade their hardware in the coming year to get started with…