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Splitgate PlayStation playerbase has increased in wake of Halo Infinite launch

Via an interview with The Loadout, Ian Proulx discusses Halo’s affect on Splitgate, the shooter’s popularity in 2021, and future goals. For those out there who may have worried about the longevity of Sci-fi shooter Splitgate in the wake of Halo Infinite’s release late last year, worry not! In an interview with The Loadout, 1047 Games co-founder Ian Proulx has revealed that the player count for the game on PlayStation consoles has actually risen since Halo’s launch. The interview, which covers a variety of topics such as the game’s monumental success during 2021, the future of the game heading into…

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The Best Shooters Of 2021

Video game shooters once dominated the gaming landscape. Today, well okay… they sort of still do. But, the variety and diversity of shooters has truly blossomed in the last few years. Now we have hardcore military sims, colorful live games filled with wild quests, VR titles pushing the bounds of what we can do in games, co-op adventures, and whatever Destiny 2 is these days. Truly a golden age of shooters is upon us, both old and new.

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Splitgate is only “25% complete” says developer 1047 Games

Splitgate creator Ian Proulx, of developer 1047 Games, has explained that the portal-infused PvP game is only about 25% complete. Despite being one of the most popular games on Steam and its developer attracting a whopping $100 million in investment over the past few months, Splitgate is still only in its infancy, a new interview with 1047 Games has revealed. In an interview with TechCrunch, and with some comments to GamesBeat, game creator Ian Proulx explained where the studio wants to take the game in the future, now that it’s broken through to the mainstream. “The scope of what we…

splitgate-review:-a-raucous-fps-that’s-much-more-than-halo-meets-portal Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Splitgate review: a raucous FPS that’s much more than Halo meets Portal

You might have heard Splitgate described as “Halo meets Portal“, a useful shorthand for those of us with brains too tired to describe it more colourfully as “a gun learns physics” or “Benny Hill gets a battle rifle”. However you describe it, Splitgate is a belter of a multiplayer arena shooter, born of gimmickry, yet graduating with honours, it’s a grin-delivering game of tight, gun gymnastics and wacky Loony Tunes doorways, and just the right amount of frustrating to make you sweat and launch into another scramble for the bazooka in the middle of the map. Read more

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Ultimate Audio Bang #13: dungeons and Destiny

On this week’s episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang podcast Imogen and I chat EA sharing Apex Legends‘ ping system with other companies, Call Of Duty: Vanguard things, and the fact Destiny 2 is adding a big lady. I for one am a fan of this big lady, as her getup reminds me of a candelabra, which is nice. Read more

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Splitgate will stay in beta indefinitely so the devs can continue improving it

The new Portal-meets-Halo shooter Splitgate has been doing a bit bloody well recently, so the developers have decided to keep it in beta until further notice so they can carry on scaling up their servers. Made by 1047 Games, Splitgate was supposed to release in full this month. Since the beta launched, they’ve been surprised by how quickly its popularity has grown, getting more than 10 million downloads since it first went into beta in July. It’s full release is now delayed indefinitely, and the devs say they have more content coming down the line. Read more

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Splitgate is still so slammed that it has a new server status Twitter account

As we learned a week ago, portaling FPS Splitgate was so popular during its open beta phase that 1047 Games had to extend the beta and delay launch. They’re currently attempting to expand their servers and fit over 100,000 players. At the moment, interest in Splitgate is still outpacing their ability to expand, with queue times hitting 90 minutes yesterday. 1047 are now tracking server and queue status on Twitter while they work to keep up and say they are “working our tails off.” Read more

halo-plus-portals-fps-splitgate-delays-launch-after-surprisingly-popular-beta Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Halo plus portals FPS Splitgate delays launch after surprisingly popular beta

Free-to-play FPS Splitgate was planning to move from beta to full launch tomorrow but there’s been a bit of a snag. It turns out that “Halo plus portals” was too popular a concept, raking in 2 million downloads during its open beta. So many people jumped in to take a turn with cross-platform team portal shooting that 1047 Games say they’re delaying full launch of the game until next month while they work to scale up their available servers for all those players. Read more