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splinter-cell-is-back…-as-an-8-part-bbc-radio-4-drama VG247

Splinter Cell is back… as an 8-part BBC Radio 4 drama

In an odd move, Ubisoft has teamed up with BBC Radio 4 to flesh out the world of Splinter Cell a little bit more. Are you waiting impatiently for the upcoming Splinter Cell remake? You know, the one that’s apparently being rewritten for a modern day audience and that recently lost its director (who had 11 years’ experience at Ubisoft)? Well, if the wait is unbearably hard, then we’ve got some good news for you: Splinter Cell is back – in BBC Radio 4 drama form! Yes, it is odd. Per a release from the BBC, the radio drama follows…

ubisoft-have-stealth-announced-a-splinter-cell-remake Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Ubisoft have stealth announced a Splinter Cell Remake

After eight years of radio silence, Ubisoft are finally bringing Sam Fisher in from the cold, as they’ve just announced a remake of the original Splinter Cell. In keeping with the series’ stealth roots, the game was announced with little to no fanfare this evening via a blog post, with Ubisoft declaring its existence along with some developer chat before scampering back into the shadows. Typical. Read more

ubisoft-details-splinter-cell,-far-cry,-and-blood-dragon-animated-shows VG247

Ubisoft details Splinter Cell, Far Cry, and Blood Dragon animated shows

Netflix and Ubisoft have spilled the beans on more animated projects coming to the streaming platform soon, including details on Splinter Cell, a Far Cry, and Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix.Not content with taking over the videogame/TV market with The Witcher and Castlevania, Netflix is expanding further into the world of geekdom with more shows based on Ubisoft IP.First up, the Splinter Cell animated show will follow the exploits of an aged, haggard Sam Fisher. The tweet embedded below shows more or less all we know about the show so far – but it does a wonderful job of…

rainbow-six-siege-trailer-shows-off-sam-fisher-gameplay VG247

Rainbow Six Siege trailer shows off Sam Fisher gameplay

By Cian Maher, Sunday, 16 August 2020 21:27 GMT Last week Ubisoft announced that Sam Fisher would be coming to Rainbow Six Siege, but have since uploaded a brand new video breaking down his weapons and abilities. You can check out the new trailer below, which includes gameplay footage of Fisher in action as well as some tips and tricks for those who are excited to play as the iconic Splinter Cell protagonist.The video mentions that Fisher is here to join Team Rainbow with the codename “Zero.” He’s a medium speed, medium armor attacker, and his SC3000K assault rifle will be…