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nintendo-switch-sold-over-92-million-worldwide-to-date VG247

Nintendo Switch sold over 92 million worldwide to date

Recent games like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD also moved millions of units. Nintendo’s recent financial report (via Gematsu) touted the fast-selling Nintendo Switch’s success, having sold over 92 million systems to date. That’s including 3.83 million Switch hardware units it sold in Q2. Software sales are also thriving, with over 681 million games sold, 48.6 million of which were in the last sales quarter. Specific game lifetime sales were also shared, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe predictably taking the top slot with 38.74 million sold. Perhaps more amazing, though, is the #2 slot being Animal Crossing: New…

nintendo-and-gfinity-announce-2021-splatoon-2-inkfest-uk-tournament ESports News UK

Nintendo and Gfinity announce 2021 Splatoon 2 Inkfest UK tournament

A new challenge for fans of Splatoon 2 is on the way with the Splatoon 2 Inkfest UK tournament 2021 series presented by Nintendo UK and tournament provider Gfinity. Matches will take place online via the Nintendo Switch across 12 weeks, kicking off on Saturday September 25th before culminating on Saturday December 11th 2021. Registration for the Splatoon 2 Inkfest UK Tournament 2021 is now open via the Inkfest UK Tournament Hub, which will be the main hub for the latest information and where teams can sign-up to take part. Continue reading Nintendo and Gfinity announce 2021 Splatoon 2 Inkfest…

hyper-japan-to-host-uk-splatoon-2-tournament-this-weekend,-with-hosts-bowiethehero,-nimmz-and-marc-with-a-c ESports News UK

Hyper Japan to host UK Splatoon 2 tournament this weekend, with hosts BOWIEtheHERO, Nimmz and Marc With a C

London’s Japanese culture expo Hyper Japan will be welcoming the Splatoon UK community this weekend, with teams battling it out in a Splatoon 2 tournament. This two-day Hyper Splat event will begin with qualifying rounds on Saturday July 24th, with the top eight teams progressing to the grand finals on Sunday July 25th. Matches start at 12pm midday each day. Seeding will be based on previous Nintendo and Splatoon 2 community events. Continue reading Hyper Japan to host UK Splatoon 2 tournament this weekend, with hosts BOWIEtheHERO, Nimmz and Marc With a C

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Best of 2020: Astro’s Playroom, and Tom’s other GOTY picks

I thought Astro’s Playroom was going to be a throwaway pack-in title. I was wrong.Given that the PS5 had big hitters Spider-Man Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls arrive alongside it, Astro’s Playroom being my favorite launch game is hugely surprising. I figured it would be a gimmick-fest: a few bleeps and bloops out of the DualSense speaker, turn the controller to move a robot’s head from side to side, kind of thing. What I got was a wonderful ode to PlayStation and the best example yet of what the future of video games could feel like.Astro’s Playroom is undoubtedly what…