once-the-cogs-click-into-place,-steelrising-is-more-than-just-bloodborne-on-pc-–-hands-on-preview VG247

Once the cogs click into place, Steelrising is more than just Bloodborne on PC – hands-on preview

Fight through the dark streets of Paris in Spiders’ Soulslike experiment. It was my own fault I got mauled by the mechanical tiger. There’s no wonder the muddy streets of these forsaken Paris suburbs are deserted, it’s not even safe for me – Aegis, Marie Antoinette’s personal clockwork bodyguard – and I’ve got a bag full of swords and a gun that shoots ice bullets. So as I naively rounded the grimy corner into a head-on ambush by a wind-up spearman with limbs like Jack Skellington but without the sense of humour, was I really surprised when a pair of…

spiders-announce-colonial-fantasy-rpg-sequel-greedfall-2 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Spiders announce colonial fantasy RPG sequel Greedfall 2

Spiders have begun work on GreedFall 2, a sequel to their colonialist fantasy RPG from 2019. Set three years before the events of the first game, it reverses the perspective with a new protagonist and a new setting, as well as aiming for “more tactical” combat. You can find the a cinematic announcement trailer below. Read more

steelrising-first-gameplay-trailer-has-a-lot-of-clanking,-updated-release-date VG247

Steelrising first gameplay trailer has a lot of clanking, updated release date

The Souls-like was originally expected to launch in June. Steelrising, the alternate reality reality 18th century France, has received a new gameplay trailer, but also sees a delay to later in the year. In case you haven’t managed to get your Souls-like fix with Elden Ring, Steelrising is an upcoming take on the genre from Greedfall developer Spiders. Not much has been shown off from the game, but publisher Nacon released a five minute gameplay video showing off the game properly. However, the game has also now been pushed from June to September 8. Vibes wise, things are more in…

colonial-fantasy-rpg-greedfall-will-launch-an-expansion Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Colonial fantasy RPG GreedFall will launch an expansion

Fantasy colonial RPG GreedFall launched back in September 2019 with a modest splash. I thought perhaps we’d heard the end of the latest game made by Spiders but the developers have now announced that they’re actually planning new content and an expansion. It comes alongside the announcement that Spiders will be releasing GreedFall for the new PlayStations and Xbox boxes. (more…)