horizon-forbidden-west-soundtrack-can-be-streamed-on-all-platforms-starting-this-friday VG247

Horizon Forbidden West soundtrack can be streamed on all platforms starting this Friday

The first tracks from the soundtrack will drop February 25. Starting this Friday, you will be to stream the Horizon Forbidden West score that accompanies your machine hunts, both in and outside the game. Guerrilla has teamed up with Sony Music to roll out the soundtrack on all streaming platforms, so you will be able to take your pick. The soundtrack will be released in three volumes. Volume 1 arrives this Friday and includes tracks such as Aloy’s Theme, a new take on her iconic theme for Horizon Forbidden West with vocals by Julie Elven, and In the Flood, a…

tokyo-olympic-athletes-are-marching-out-to-iconic-video-game-music Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Tokyo Olympic athletes are marching out to iconic video game music

I’m a sucker for an Olympics opening ceremony. I love the spectacle of it, with all the singing and dancing and references to historical things. Whenever the athletes march out, I often turn over the TV for a bit, though. It’s nice to see them happy and waving, but it’s usually a long one. But not this year! Since this Olympics are taking place in Tokyo, Japan’s decided to spruce up the atmosphere with an ambience game-likers will appreciate. Yes, each country’s athletes are entering the stadium to orchestral versions of music from classic Japanese video games. Read more

demon’s-souls-remake-soundtrack-will-be-released-on-november-26 VG247

Demon’s Souls remake soundtrack will be released on November 26

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 30 October 2020 19:47 GMT Sony will release the soundtrack to the Demon’s Souls remake on digital platforms on November 26. Alongside the Demon’s Souls digital release, a CD will be issued shortly thereafter. If you are a vinyl collector, pre-orders are scheduled to open in early December.Alongside the news comes a new developer diary that goes behind the scenes with the game’s music.You can listen to one of the entires part of the soundtrack, Flamelurker, here.The music team reimagined the original score by Shunsuke Kida, creating new arrangements rerecorded at Air Studios in London with…