twitch-streamer-plays-fromsoftware-games-in-a-truly-absurd-way Twitch

Twitch Streamer Plays FromSoftware Games In A Truly Absurd Way

Spend any time on the internet—whether Reddit, Twitter, or YouTube—and you’ve likely seen some streamer doing some absurd-ass playthrough of a Soulsborne game (probably Elden Ring). Whether it’s beating Margit with a harp or two Malenias simultaneously (one with a dance pad), there are some wild ways of tackling FromSoftware games out there.

game-awards-photoshops-bill-clinton-kid-out-of-elden-ring-speech Twitch

Game Awards Photoshops Bill Clinton Kid Out Of Elden Ring Speech

The 2022 Game Awards ended with a random kid sneaking up on stage and muttering nonsense about “reformed Rabbi Bill Clinton.” The 2022 Game Awards is now, understandably, trying to pretend that never happened, blurring the kid out of a picture celebrating Elden Ring developer FromSoftware’s second Game of the Year win.