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absolute-chad-beats-every-souls-game-back-to-back,-without-taking-a-single-hit VG247

Absolute chad beats every Souls game back to back, without taking a single hit

This run hasn’t been seen before, so it’s quite the feat. It might not come as news to you that one player with the patience of a saint has managed to beat every Souls game, including Elden Ring, back-to-back without taking any damage. What do you want to see from an Elden Ring sequel? We’ve previously seen players take on Elden Ring while limiting themselves to one hit per boss, in a display fit for an episode of One Punch Man. We’ve also even witnessed one player complete all the Souls games (excluding Elden Ring) back to back without taking…

is-the-mario-movie-secretly-an-uncharted-movie?-7-things-we’ve-found-in-the-poster VG247

Is the Mario movie secretly an Uncharted movie? 7 things we’ve found in the poster

The Super Mario Bros. movie will be jam-packed with easter eggs and deep cuts. Ahead of Nintendo’s presentation on Thursday, a poster for The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been released, and it’s jam-packed with the sort of easter eggs and curious details that the average punter might miss. And let’s face it, who has time to zoom into a Twitter post? Well, luckily for you, it’s our job to do that sort of thing so you don’t have to. So, here’s 7 things we found in the Mario poster that may give us some clues as to the upcoming…

according-to-reports,-a-new-ps5-with-detachable-disk-drive-is-coming VG247

According to reports, a new PS5 with detachable disk drive is coming

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Insider Gaming claim that a new PS5 can be expected in 2023. There may be a new PS5 on the horizon, if the sources who spoke to Insider Gaming are to be believed. This shiny new PS5 will have a detachable disc drive, allowing you to plug in and play any physical games you’ve got lying around. This PS5 will also apparently abandon the A, B and C chassis that previous iterations have used. It will however have the same…