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sonic-frontiers-free-update-adds-photo-mode,-newly-added-features,-and-more VG247

Sonic Frontiers free update adds Photo Mode, newly added features, and more

Prepare for a couple of new timed modes. The first of three free content updates for Sonic Frontiers has been released, and it comes with newly added features and modes. Dubbed the Sights, Sounds, and Speed update, it includes a Photo Mode and a Juke Box that allows you to play your favorite tracks while exploring the Starfall Islands. It includes tracks from Sonic Frontiers and past Sonic games. Totaling 53 songs, 13 are instantly unlocked and playable as soon as the game is updated. You can unlock the remaining 40 songs by collecting Sound Memories across the five islands,…

sonic-origins-plus-rating-in-korea-suggests-an-extended-edition-is-on-the-way VG247

Sonic Origins Plus rating in Korea suggests an extended edition is on the way

Is SEGA planning to follow in Sonic Mania’s footsteps? Sure sounds like it. The Korean Game Rating Board has given Sonic Origins Plus a provisional rating, suggesting that an extended edition of Sonic Origins is in development. This is according to a listing on the rating site dug up by Gematsu. Sonic Origins launch trailer – speed through four remastered titles that defined a generation. With “Plus” added to the end of the title, it suggests the publisher is going the same route as 2018’s Sonic Mania Plus which released with additional content not included initially. The extended edition could…

sonic-prime’s-latest-trailer-shows-the-bolt-from-the-blue-hopping-across-dimensions VG247

Sonic Prime’s latest trailer shows the bolt from the blue hopping across dimensions

Cyborg Tails was unexpected, but is appreciated. Sonic Prime’s latest trailer shows that the blue hog is going to be spin dashing his way across multiple universes, with plenty of redesigns of fan-favorites to boot. Depending on your perspective, it’s a pretty good time to be a Sonic fan. Sure, Sonic Frontiers is far from perfect, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a real good time anyway. The next instalment in the film franchise is only a couple of years away too, and there’s that Knuckles spin-off series. And next month, Netflix is giving us a brand new show, Sonic…

the-latest-sonic-frontiers-video-features-showdowns-with-various-bosses VG247

The latest Sonic Frontiers video features showdowns with various bosses

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. It’s almost time to explore the Starfall Islands, and gather the Chaos Emeralds. A new trailer for Sonic Frontiers has been released, and it shows the fella fighting rather large, strange-looking bosses. In Sonic Frontiers, our blue hero is searching for the Chaos emeralds. While on this adventure, he becomes stranded on an ancient island teeming with unusual creatures. Sonic Frontiers – Showdown Trailer As Sonic, you will battle hordes of powerful enemies and experience open-zone platforming freedom across the…

sega’s-sonic-the-hedgehog-series-has-sold-an-impressive-1.5-billion-copies-worldwide VG247

SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog series has sold an impressive 1.5 billion copies worldwide

That’ll do, Sonic. That’ll do. In SEGA’s latest financial report, the company shared a rather remarkable figure for its Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. According to the company, the series has sold over 1.5 billion copies worldwide. The figure spans both full games and free-to-play titles as of March 2022 (thanks, The figure will surely go up once Sonic Frontiers is released, and the company is also working on several Sonic IP projects for the fiscal year ending March 2024 and beyond. The company feels these new projects will “add to the franchise’s popularity and help sell more games.”. Sonic…

latest-sonic-frontiers-video-shows-off-combat,-skill-trees,-and-the-upgrades-system VG247

Latest Sonic Frontiers video shows off combat, skill trees, and the upgrades system

Parrying, combo attacks, and more can keep you from being bested by eemies. A new video for Sonic Frontiers is available, and it provides a look at combat. The video also covers the skill tree and upgrades. Sonic Frontiers – Combat & Upgrades Trailer The game features an all-new battle system and skill tree upgrades, allowing you to fight strategically. You can combine moves such as dodges, parries, counters, combos, and the new Cyloop ability to take down foes and titans. Sonic Frontiers will mark the first time a Skill Tree has been included in a Sonic game. It allows…

this-sonic-frontiers-video-provides-an-overview-of-the-game VG247

This Sonic Frontiers video provides an overview of the game

Explore a world of action, adventure and mystery. SEGA has released a new video for Sonic Frontiers that provides an overview of the game. The video shows all sorts of gameplay, and the narration provides plenty of details regarding Sonic’s latest adventure. In Sonic Frontiers, our blue hero is searching for the Chaos emeralds. While on this adventure, he becomes stranded on an ancient island teeming with unusual creatures. As Sonic, you will battle hordes of powerful enemies and experience open-zone platforming freedom across the Starfall Islands as the blue blur and friends go after Dr. Eggman, who has lost…

fall-guys-datamine-shows-some-speedy-beans-in-a-sonic-themed-stage VG247

Fall Guys datamine shows some speedy beans in a Sonic-themed stage

Mediatonic is yet to officially confirm the existance of the stage. Fall Guys is clearly desperate to go fast, as a datamine has shown off a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed stage in action. Back in 2020, Sonic made his first appearance in the bean-themed battle royale with a skin of the fastest hedgehog alive. So far any collaborations Fall Guys has had with other properties has been relegated to cosmetic, but recently fans have spotted what appears to be an entire Sonic-themed stage coming to the game. The screenshot of the Sonic stage was included in the ‘next up’ screen, most…

sega-commit-to-matching-employee-donations-to-reproductive-rights-organisations Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Sega commit to matching employee donations to reproductive rights organisations

Publisher Sega have joined the growing number of companies across the games industry to issue statements supporting reproductive rights, and have gone a step further than most by offering to match employee donations to non-profits supporting that cause. Sega’s decision comes in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturn of the Roe v. Wade ruling last month, which had enshrined abortion rights at a federal level for almost half a century. Read more

a-brief-history-of-sonic-the-hedgehog-on-pc,-from-musical-conspiracies-to-not-really-3d-3d-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

A brief history of Sonic The Hedgehog on PC, from musical conspiracies to not-really-3D 3D games

Let’s face facts: the old Sonic games have been re-released more times than I’ve had hot dinners. And every single Sonic fan has bought every single one of them, such is our sheer madness. We’re a little spoiled on PC for Sonic content these days, with every recent game of note having its own PC port that’s immediately been modded from bottom to breakfast. But it wasn’t always this simple, oh no. It used to be pretty slim pickings for us Sonicsters, and I’m here to tell you what we fought through to get to the promised land of ports…

sonic-origins-video-takes-a-deep-dive-into-the-modes-included-with-the-collection VG247

Sonic Origins video takes a deep dive into the modes included with the collection

Find out what’s new in Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD. SEGA has released a new trailer for Sonic Origins that takes a deep dive into the new modes and additions in the remastered collection. The video starts by taking a look at the remastered visuals by showing a comparison between the original and the updated version through a scene from Sonic 2. It also shows the menu, which is where you will choose which mode to play. There’s Anniversary mode, Classic, Boss Rush, and Mirror Mode, all of which can be played in…

the-sonic-advance-trilogy-deserves-a-rerelease-as-much-as-the-classics-do VG247

The Sonic Advance trilogy deserves a rerelease as much as the classics do

Complicated legal issues aside, Sonic Advance deserves a modern rerelease in some form As the Sonic Origins collection speedily makes its way towards the latest consoles with the promise of finally giving gamers an official way to play Sonic 3 & Knuckles on Nintendo and PlayStation platforms for the first time in 11 years, my mind has often been drifting to the video games that I would consider to be the real sequels to the Mega Drive’s Sonic the Hedgehog releases: the Sonic Advance series for Game Boy Advance, and how they – frankly – deserve so much more love….

sonic-frontiers-debut-gameplay-trailer-shows-seven-minutes-of-sonic-speeding-through-the-world VG247

Sonic Frontiers debut gameplay trailer shows seven minutes of Sonic speeding through the world

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Have a look at the blue blur’s latest. SEGA has released a seven-minute video showing off Sonic Frontiers gameplay. The IGN First video is part of the site’s month-long coverage of the game. In Sonic Frontiers, you will “accelerate to new heights” and experience “high-velocity open-zone freedom,” battle powerful enemies, and speed through the Starfall Islands featuring various biomes. It’s the latest 3D entry in the Sonic franchise and follows the blue blur and his friends as they go after…

5-things-that-should-be-in-the-sonic-the-hedgehog-3-movie VG247

5 things that should be in the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 movie

Metal Sonic, Shadow, Albert Robotnik, and – yes – even Amy Rose. Here’s what we want to see in Sonic’s future adventures. Let’s not mince words: Sonic’s cinematic adventures are now significant. Impossible to ignore, even. Sonic 2 is a great movie, but it’s also gone on to become the highest-grossing film adaptation of a game ever. And you know what? It’s deserved. Beyond just creating a couple of good big-screen adventures, the Sonic movies have done a convincing job of creating a new version of the Sonic canon; a universe it’s easy to become invested in the expansion of. With…

sonic-frontiers-is-“still-set-to-come-out-this-holiday”-despite-only-having-one-trailer VG247

Sonic Frontiers is “still set to come out this holiday” despite only having one trailer

With more news set to arrive “soon.” While we’ve only received one actual trailer for it, Sonic Frontiers is still apparently planned for a release this coming winter holiday. This year might not be moving quite as fast as everyone’s favourite hedgehog, but it is steadily getting closer to the holiday season (sorry for reminding everyone it’s May now). But the holidays themselves apparently aren’t struggling to keep up with the hog. As spotted by Nintendo Life, Sega of America’s social media manager Katie Chrzanowski provided a very brief update into the state of Sonic Frontiers, saying that news will…