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abermore-review:-an-indie-thief-’em-up-that-steals-your-time-in-the-worst-way Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Abermore review: an indie Thief-’em-up that steals your time in the worst way

It all started going wrong when I died taking on the old McDuckitt job. In Abermore, you play as a thief making a name for themselves in its titular city. Every day you wake up, leave your apartment and hit the streets, chatting to the locals, picking up a bit of info, even gambling a bit. The folks you meet are from the shadier side of society and they’ll hire you for jobs. Sometimes it’s simple burglary, sometimes it’s breaking a vase, or snatching a specific bit of loot. There’s even a guy who keeps trying to offer me wet…

investigate-your-neighbours-in-the-occupation-devs’-new-mystery Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Investigate your neighbours in The Occupation devs’ new mystery

After snooping around offices in The Occupation and memories in Ether One, developers White Paper Games will soon offer the opportunity to snoop around a neighbourhood . During E3 they announced Conway: Disappearance At Dahlia View, where we’ll play a former detective in 1950s England who falls into spying on his neighbours after the disappearance of a young girl. The announcement trailer remind me a bit of Hitchcock’s Rear Window, spying on people out his flat window. Have a look for yourself below. Read more

learn-how-to-brew-your-own-beer-in-brewmaster VG247

Learn how to brew your own beer in Brewmaster

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 1 April 2021 15:26 GMT Sold Out and Auroch Digital has announced a sim game called Brewmaster where you can brew your own craft beer.Described as an authentic sim, in Brewmaster, you will discover, learn, and master the art of homebrewing.You will learn to perfect authentic chemistry-driven brewing techniques to bottling and labeling, following a recipe or experimenting with a large variety of real-world ingredients.You can also enter competitions, earn beer tokens, and upgrade your equipment to become even better at making your own craft beer.Here’s a list of features: Create your recipe – Built for…