Sokpop Collective

sokpop-collective-are-streaming-all-77-of-their-games-tomorrow Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Sokpop Collective are streaming all 77 of their games tomorrow

Sokpop Collective are a band of game development pals who release a new game every two weeks via their Patreon. The games are all cute, frequently physicsy, but otherwise cover a broad range of genres. Genres like space golf, skeleton brawler, and rock paper scissors MMO. To celebrate the Patreon’s third birthday, they’re taking to Twitch tomorrow to stream all 77 of their games. Even if you’re a subscriber to the Patreon, it’s doubtful you’ve played them all, so watching the developers play and talk about making them sounds like a good time. (more…)

king-pins-is-sokpop’s-teeny-tiny-take-on-age-of-empires Rock,Paper,Shotgun

King Pins is Sokpop’s teeny tiny take on Age Of Empires

I do love a good RTS from time to time. It’s just that, well, I start to lose focus as soon as I’m juggling a dozen units or more, my perfect opening collapsing into a panic of select-all death balls. Fortunately, that’s not a problem I ever see myself having in Sokpop’s King Pins, with the Dutch indie rascals stripping the genre down into an adorably simple single-screen strategy puzzle for you and up to three pals. (more…)