evo-was-dominated-by-rollback-netcode-announcements,-and-i-couldn’t-be-happier VG247

EVO was dominated by rollback netcode announcements, and I couldn’t be happier

Evo 2022 just wrapped up this morning, and as a UK resident who stayed up to watch the whole thing until roughly 30 minutes before work started, it was exhausting. I’m not talking about the run time, I’m talking about the back-to-back banger announcements coming from multiple fighting game developers over the weekend. A large quantity of which, you’ll be happy to know, revolves around the implementation of rollback netcode. For those not in the know, rollback netcode has kind of been the hot topic over the past few years (although arguably it’s been heating up for over a decade…

king-of-fighters-xv-announces-new-character-omega-rugal,-and-boss-challenge-game-mode Rock,Paper,Shotgun

King Of Fighters XV announces new character Omega Rugal, and Boss Challenge game mode

SNK have announced that the latest playable character coming to King Of Fighters XV is Omega Rugal. He’s the in-universe organiser of the King Of Fighters tournament, but he’s arguably more infamous for being in older KOF games as a ridiculously difficult boss. You can expect him to show up on April 14th as free DLC, along with a game mode called Boss Challenge. Love a bit of free DLC. Read more

king-of-fighters-15-devs-talk-about-the-struggles-of-creating-the-latest-game-–-and-their-favourite-characters VG247

King of Fighters 15 devs talk about the struggles of creating the latest game – and their favourite characters

With the release of King of Fighters 15, SNK has let out into the world yet another entry into one of the most historied fighting game series in the games industry – and one I like quite a lot! It was great to sit down, during an intense month filled with exciting games flying out from every direction, and play a classic fighting game. However, to simply pile KoF 15 on top of the stack of other titles that make up the series would be missing out on much of what makes the game special! At the surface level, the…

the-king-of-fighters-15’s-latest-trailer-shows-off-vanessa VG247

The King of Fighters 15’s latest trailer shows off Vanessa

By Dom Peppiatt 24 June 2021 11:00 GMT After a short hiatus, there’s another character reveal for The King of Fighters 15 this week, and this time we see the glorious return of Vanessa.The game’s 23rd fighter – the latest reveal in a long line of characters drip-fed to an audience on tenterhooks – Vanessa makes her return to the ring after being a DLC character in King of Fighters 14.The reveal of the character also showed off Team Secret Agent; a new team that also contains Luong. She joins the likes of Chris, Mai, King, Yashiro Nanakase, Yuri Sakazaki, Kyo, Shun’ei, Chizuru Kagura, Iori Yagami, Benimaru, Joe, and Meitenkun in the roster.She…

the-king-of-fighters-15-shows-off-chris-in-latest-trailer VG247

The King of Fighters 15 shows off Chris in latest trailer

By Stephany Nunneley 1 May 2021 20:26 GMT Chris has been announced as the latest character to join The King of Fighters roster.The King of Fighters 15’s roster has expanded with Chris who is part of team Orochi Team.Watch on YouTubeIn charge of vocals for the band CYS, he and his bandmates Shermie and Yashiro is also a member of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi.Although he has no experience in martial arts, he overwhelms his opponent with attacks that take advantage of his lightness and speed. At first glance, he is a polite and humble boy, but he also…

the-king-of-fighters-15-adds-mai-shiranui-to-the-roster-with-a-new-trailer VG247

The King of Fighters 15 adds Mai Shiranui to the roster with a new trailer

By Dom Peppiatt, Thursday, 8 April 2021 10:28 GMT SNK has confirmed another new character for The King of Fighters 15, and this time it’s Mai Shiranui from both the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series.Also known as ‘The Alluring Ninja Girl’ (see if you can figure out why), Mai Shiranui is a veteran of SNK’s various fighting titles and has long been something of an idol for certain ‘enthusiastic’ parts of the fanbase.She’s such a popular fighter, in fact, she’s even made her way over to the Dead or Alive series as a DLC character a few times….

the-king-of-fighters-15’s-latest-trailer-shows-off-king VG247

The King of Fighters 15’s latest trailer shows off King

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 1 April 2021 17:26 GMT Another character reveal for The King of Fighters 15 has occurred and it’s one of the series’ fan-favorites, King.The latest trailer for The King of Fighters 15 shows off King kicking the heck out of her opponents. You also get to see the carnival stage in the trailer (thanks, Gematsu).King debuted in the original Art of Fighting as the only playable female character before becoming part of The King of Fighters franchise.The character is just the latest to join the line-up. As recently as last week, Yashiro Nanakase was confirmed to be part…

the-king-of-fighters-15-announces-yuri-sakazaki-with-a-new-trailer VG247

The King of Fighters 15 announces Yuri Sakazaki with a new trailer

By Dom Peppiatt, Thursday, 11 March 2021 11:38 GMT Another week, another character reveal for The King of Fighters 15, and this time we can look forward to seeing Yuri Sakazaki take to the arena in SNK’s latest game.Though fans were expecting recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter Terry Bogard to follow his brother Andy Bogard’s announcement last week, SNK has thrown a curveball and instead announced Yuri Sakazaki.The newly revealed character is otherwise known as the ‘Wild Flying Swallow’ and as such you’ll see a lot of her moves hop off the ground in order to have more impact on the foes…

andy-bogard-latest-character-to-join-king-of-fighters-15-roster VG247

Andy Bogard latest character to join King of Fighters 15 roster

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 5 March 2021 16:02 GMT The series vet is the eighth competitor to join the game’s line-up.The latest character to join King of Fighters 15 is Andy Bogard.News that the series vet was joining the brawler’s roster was announced in a trailer from publisher SNK. To date, Bogard has appeared in almost every single entry in the King of Fighters franchise, following his debut in the predecessor Fatal Fury series.News that the game was in development broke in August 2019 before the title was actually revealed in January of this year. Creative director Eisuke Ogura and…

snk-is-working-on-rollback-netcode-for-the-king-of-fighters-15 VG247

SNK is working on rollback netcode for The King of Fighters 15

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 27 February 2021 15:23 GMT The King of Fighters 15 team is working hard to implement rollback netcode into the fighting game.The feature, which will aid online matches providing improved performance and functionality, is being worked on for The King of Fighters 15. Previous iterations in the series used a delay-based netcode (thanks, ScreenRant).According to the game’s producer Yasuyuki Oda, the team at SNK has been “working hard on an internal rollback solution” from early in the development cycle.“There is still a lot of work remaining so we can’t make any promises yet, but please be…

iori-yagami-revealed-for-king-of-fighters-15-with-new-gameplay-trailer VG247

Iori Yagami revealed for King of Fighters 15 with new gameplay trailer

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 7 February 2021 10:08 GMT Iori Yagami has been revealed for The King of Fighters 15, and his new trailer shows off just how the veteran character will play in the game.Iori first joined the King of Fighters series back in 1995, and has long been the main rival of Kyo Kusanagi, making Iori something of a key villain for the esteemed fighting franchise.His appearance in The King of Fighters 15 sees a slight difference in setup to what we’ve seen before, with the character now sporting a jacket-and-red-trousers look, with his brooding fringe drooping over one…

benimaru-gets-his-own-trailer-for-the-king-of-fighters-15 VG247

Benimaru gets his own trailer for The King Of Fighters 15

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 31 January 2021 09:55 GMT Benimaru Nikaido is coming to The King of Fighters 15 with the tall-haired brawler confirmed in a new trailer that shows him joining Team Hero with Shun’ei and Meitenkun.A new trailer showing off Benimaru’s abilities has been released this week, giving us a look at the strange-haired fighter in action in the upcoming game.Anyone that’s familiar with the series will recognize his trademark spiral dive kick, his powerful moves that can pop opponents off the ground, and electrically-charged attacks that can stun enemies and open them up for more punishmentBenimaru, as you…

the-king-of-fighters-15-trailer-reveals-meitenkun-for-the-roster VG247

The King of Fighters 15 trailer reveals Meitenkun for the roster

By Dom Peppiatt, Thursday, 21 January 2021 15:03 GMT SNK has published another trailer for The King of Fighters 15, and this time the company has confirmed that the carefree and sleepy Meitenkun is returning from KOH 14.Meitenkun – who has become something of a meme amongst the series’ fans because he is always, always seen carrying a pillow – will be returning to the long-running fighting franchise in King of Fighters 15.The combatant, who uses a sort-of Drunken Fist fighting technique called Hakkyokuminminken (or ‘Eight Extremes Sleepy Fist’), first appeared in King of Fighters 14, as part of Team China. You…

the-king-of-fighters-15’s-first-three-characters-have-been-revealed VG247

The King of Fighters 15’s first three characters have been revealed

By Dom Peppiatt, Thursday, 3 December 2020 16:31 GMT SNK has finally announced three of the characters coming to King of Fighters 15, the latest installment in the classic SNK fighting series that was announced back in 2019.In a trailer, SNK producer Yasuyuki Oda and creative director Eisuke Ogura have revealed that series veterans Kyo, Benimaru and Shun’ei are all set to make it into the next game’s roster.Long-time fans of the series will recognize Kyo and the flamboyantly-haired Benimaru from the very first game (and multiple titles since), whilst Shun’ei returns from King of Fighters 14 to lead the charge…