Sly Raccoon

sucker-punch-gets-sly-cooper-some-merch-for-his-20th-birthday VG247

Sucker Punch gets Sly Cooper some merch for his 20th birthday

The studio already confirmed no new game is in development earlier this year. It might not be a new game, but Sucker Punch has shown off some pretty nice looking merch for Sly Cooper’s 20th anniversary. Sorry to say that the words ‘Sly Cooper’ and ‘announcement’ aren’t being paired together to reveal a surprise new title, but with the game’s 20th anniversary having taken place on September 23, Sucker Punch did have some merch to show off, including a print, a t-shirt, and a plush of everyone’s favourite sneaky raccoon. The print is admittedly incredibly gorgeous, showing a cross section…