stargate:-timekeepers-beta-aims-to-launch-in-time-for-sg1’s-25th-anniversary Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Stargate: Timekeepers beta aims to launch in time for SG1’s 25th anniversary

Creative Forge’s sci-fi real-time tactics game Stargate: Timekeepers is aiming to launch a public beta to coincide with its TV inspiration Stargate SG1’s 25th anniversary in July. Senior producer Neil McKenna pencilled in the timeframe at publisher Slitherine’s Home Of Wargamers event yesterday, while showing more new characters and gameplay from later in the campaign than when the game was last seen in December. Read more

distant-worlds-2-review:-a-troubled-but-brilliant-4x-that-sets-its-own-terms Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Distant Worlds 2 review: a troubled but brilliant 4X that sets its own terms

Do you ever find yourself explaining how best to approach a game, but still failing to take that approach yourself, and getting frustrated with it? After spending far, far too long trying to obsessively control every detail of Distant Worlds 2, I’ve accepted that I need to take my own advice and work with its macromanagement systems instead. They are, after all, the reason its ludicrous scale is workable at all beyond the opening hours, and a major reason its predecessor was so interesting and forward-thinking to begin with. But they are also a source of great friction and confusion,…

distant-worlds-2-review-in-progress:-two-steps-forward-and-one-back Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Distant Worlds 2 review in progress: two steps forward and one back

I still don’t know where to start. Distant Worlds 2 is enormous. Even when familiar with the original, even after our preview last month, there’s way too much going on to review it comprehensively within a mere few days. But in the spirit of the ancient ones, I can share a review-in-progress of what I’ve seen so far. Alright, alright. Partly it’s because it’s a long game. But it’s also because I really want to keep playing. Read more

stargate:-timekeepers-is-a-new-rts-from-the-phantom-doctrine-devs Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Stargate: Timekeepers is a new RTS from the Phantom Doctrine devs

I know Stargate is a massive long-running series, but I have only ever seen the film (and maybe one or two random episodes). It’s bad and cheesy but in the most entertaining way, so naturally I think that’s how a Stargate game should be. I sure hope Stargate: Timekeepers is going to be like that, at least. It’s an upcoming real-time strategy game coming to PC, developed by CreativeForge Games (who made Phantom Doctrine), and published by Slitherine (who previously pubbed Starship Troopers: Terran Command). Read more

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In the war of strategy games, Shadow Empire has already won

When Graham asked me to write a strategy games column, my first challenge was of course to think of how to annoy as many people as possible. “I won’t stretch the definition of ‘strategy’”, I thought, “I’ll warp spacetime itself until all points within it are ‘strategy’”. You have to set goals with these things. But what game would irk the most readers? “The hardcore strategy of Among Us“, maybe. Is there a Mario game on PC? I could get dark gags out of lives as strategic resources. Call Of Duty would surely make it too obvious? I left those…