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Hayfever enhanced my experience with Before Your Eyes

I developed this new allergic reaction this year, namely that my eyes feel like they’re being blowtorched if I don’t plop some miracle liquid into them regularly. They water and itch and I spend a lot of time blinking, which sort of feels like how a rusty shop grate sounds as it lowers. I realised quite quickly into my playthrough of Before Your Eyes that I’d forgotten to administer the holy water. And in a game where time skips forward as you blink in real life, I thought I’d royally messed things up. But it turns out that having an…

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Save mom’s video store by doing 90s teen crimes in The Big Con this summer

Summer’s approaching, so it’s time to figure out what kind of wacky character development you’re going to have during the scorching months. If you hadn’t come up with a plan yet, you can always go with one of the classics: going on a cross-country road trip with a con man to somehow save your mom’s video store from mobsters. That’s what local sarcastic 90s teen Ali is doing in The Big Con this summer, anyhow. I hope she makes some lasting memories, because I’ve got bad news for her about the eventual longevity of her mom’s VHS store. Read more

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Before Your Eyes dev creates a fake game to make a point about Steam refunds

A Before Your Eyes developer was done dirty by one of its players, and he feels there’s a point to be made.Before Your Eyes is an interesting narrative adventure game with a unique mechanic. The player controls what happens simply by blinking their eyes, which the game translates into input through a webcam.Watch on YouTubeThe debut game from Goodbyeworld Games came out last week, and has been very well received by Steam players – currently boasting an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ rating based on over 500 reviews. Unfortunately, because it’s a short experience, it fell victim to Steam’s refund policy.Bela Messex, the…

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This new story game is controlled by blinking into your webcam

Here’s a slightly magical idea for a story game: every time you blink in real life, your webcam notices and the game skips you forward to the next scene. That’s how it goes in Before Your Eyes, a new vignette ’em up released today. Having played a bit of it myself, I’d describe it as ‘Edith Finch meets 30 Flights Of Living with blinking’ if I were required to briefly introduce the concept in a blog post, which I was so I did. Have a look in the trailer below. Read more

before-your-eyes-is-a-narrative-adventure-game-you-control-by-blinking-your-eyes VG247

Before Your Eyes is a narrative adventure game you control by blinking your eyes

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 4 March 2021 17:35 GMT You will need a webcam.Independent game developer GoodbyeWorld Games, along with Skybound Games have announced Before Your Eyes, a narrative adventure game controlled by real-world blinks. The game tells a story where players will reflect and relive happy, beautiful, and heartbreaking moments of a life once lived. You will embark on the journey with the Ferryman who is tasked with bringing souls to the afterlife. You will progress by using real-world blinking to interact through the story.Progress is determined through your eyes and detected through a webcam. Each blink will help…