Six Days in Fallujah

six-days-in-fallujah-was-in-development-at-god-of-war’s-sony-santa-monica-at-one-point-–-report VG247

Six Days in Fallujah was in development at God of War’s Sony Santa Monica at one point – report

Sony has apparently considered working on Six Days in Fallujah at one point.One of the more surprising reveals to come out of David Jaffe’s interview with John Garvin, writer and creative director of Days Gone, was that God of War maker Sony Santa Monica studio was, at one point, working on Six Days in Fallujah.Watch on YouTubeThis wild tidbit was actually dropped by Jaffe himself, who asked Garvin whether he knew the game was in development at Sony Santa Monica. “Did you know Six Days in Fallujah was actually in development at Sony Santa Monica for a while? Like, we…

six-days-in-fallujah-video-shows-off-a-procedurally-generated-battlefield VG247

Six Days in Fallujah video shows off a procedurally generated battlefield

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 23 March 2021 16:51 GMT A gameplay trailer for Six Days in Fallujah has been released.The Six Days in Fallujah video features US military veteran Sgt. Jason Kyle and the developers at Victura and Highwire Games walking you through the gameplay (via IGN).Alongside showing off gameplay, Highwire Games announced today the upcoming first-person tactical military shooter will feature technology built by the developer called Procedural Architecture, which “re-shapes the entire battlefield each time the game is played,” assembling entire buildings and city blocks procedurally.To simulate the “uncertainty and danger of urban combat,” Highwire and Victura invested…

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Six Days In Fallujah developer isn’t going for ‘political commentary’

Six Days in Fallujah, a game based on real events that takes place during the Second Battle for Fallujah in 2004, is ‘not trying to make a political commentary,’ according to its publisher.After being canceled by its original publisher in 2009, the tactical military shooter Six Days in Fallujah is now back in development thanks to Highwire Games, a studio comprised of ex-Halo and Destiny developers.You’d think a game about a real-life warzone would be political by its very nature, but apparently, the development studio and publisher behind the project are trying to approach it from an apolitical angle.In an…