microsoft-flight-simulator-has-improved-the-nordics,-complete-with-the-lego-house Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Microsoft Flight Simulator has improved the Nordics, complete with the Lego House

Another ‘World Update’ has landed in Microsoft Flight Simulator, this time focused on improving the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Along with updating the landscape with more detail, the update brings detailed models for landmarks ranging from bridges and wind farms to stadiums and… Lego House? Is this a real thing? This is a real thing! Check out that blocky building and more in the trailer below. Read more

sophie’s-safecracking-simulator-teaches-high-tech-tools-of-the-trade Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Sophie’s Safecracking Simulator teaches high-tech tools of the trade

I don’t know the first thing about breaking into safes, or what the fiddly inner bits of a combo lock look like. So I’ve already learned a lot from Sophie’s Safecracking Simulator from looking at its screenshots without even playing it. Fans of fiddly games should listen close on this one. Safecracking Simulator has just arrived on Steam and it’s a neat little tech toy to snag for less than a fiver. Read more

e3-2021-wrap-up:-the-best-games-and-the-biggest-disappointments VG247

E3 2021 Wrap-up: The best games and the biggest disappointments

By Tom Orry 16 June 2021 19:05 GMT We gather to discuss the highs and lows of E3 2021, including the re-reveal of Breath of the Wild 2, plus the Xbox Showcase.E3 2021 is over, yet you might be wondering if it even began, what with most publishers barely showing up and Sony not taking part at all. This year’s “event” has felt rather weak when compared to previous years, but we’ve still had a number of great-looking games get announced.Watch on YouTubeIn the video above you can listen to me, Alex, Dorrani, and Sherif pick our best games of…

space-station-management-sim-starmancer-hits-early-access-in-august Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Space station management sim Starmancer hits early access in August

If you’re looking for a game like Rimworld that zooms you up to the stars to organise a space station, rather a land colony, then you might be interest in Starmancer. Developed by Ominux Games and published by Chucklefish, Starmancer is a space station management sim in which you play as an AI tasked with looking after squishy humans. It’s heading to early access on August 5th. Read more

microsoft-flight-simulator-is-30fps-on-xbox-series-x/s VG247

Microsoft Flight Simulator is 30fps on Xbox Series X/S

By Sherif Saed 15 June 2021 10:01 GMT Asobo has clarified a few details about Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox.Microsoft Flight Simulator was only just announced for Xbox Series X/S, but developer Asobo is already talking about a few specifics.Watch on YouTubeThe studio confirmed, via the game’s official Twitter account, that Microsoft Flight Simulator is a 30fps game on Xbox Series X/S. This isn’t particularly surprising, either, as it’s one of the most demanding games on PC, where many setups struggle to maintain 60fps.What’s interesting, however, is that the Tweet also confirms that players whose TVs support VRR (Variable Refresh…

is-manager-man-the-latest-embracer-group-acquisition? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Is Manager Man the latest Embracer Group acquisition?

THQ Nordic, an arm of the monolithic and ever-hungry Embracer Group, today released new footie manager sim We Are Football – and I spy a very familiar absence-of-face on the box. The cover shows a fella in a suit pumping his fist, while his face is shrouded in shadow. I’ve seen this pose before. Could this be what happened to Football Manager’s mascot after he was fired? Have Embracer Group acquired even Manager Man now? Where does it end? Read more

have-you-played…-the-shrouded-isle? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Have You Played… The Shrouded Isle?

Everyone’s a rotter in The Shrouded Isle. You especially. As the high priest in a small island town, you must appease the slumbering god beneath the waves by sacrificing one villager every season. For the past 495 years, everything’s been going swimmingly. But now there’s talk of your monstrous lord rising again in five years time. Will you be able to work with the town’s five noble families and root out all those pesky sinners before He arrives and be judged a worthy disciple? That’s what this cult sim is all about. Read more

restore-a-ravaged-world-in-reverse-city-builder-terra-nil Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Restore a ravaged world in reverse city-builder Terra Nil

The folks behind Broforce have a new game on the horizon that is not at all about running, gunning, or blowing stuff up. Quite the opposite, Terra Nil is what they’re calling a “reverse city-builder” about rehabilitating an environment that’s been completely decimated. You’ll turn it green again with the power of irrigation and renewable energy sources to fix the climate and the wildlife. It looks quite lovely and chill in this new trailer and even has a free demo coming up this month if you’d like to try out your planetary green thumb. Read more

the-sims-4-cheats-|-cheat-codes-and-debug-options-for-every-occasion VG247

The Sims 4 cheats | Cheat codes and debug options for every occasion

Cheats, glorious cheats: they’re such a staple of The Sims series that it’s hard to imagine playing without them. The Sims 4 is no exception, with a frankly staggering number of cheat codes and debug interactions that let you control even more aspects of your Sims’ lives than you’re technically supposed to.Watch on YouTube How to cheat in The Sims 4: Getting started Money cheats Character cheats Build cheats Camera cheats Quality of life cheats How to cheat in The Sims 4: Getting startedOpening the cheat consoleOn PC, press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the cheat console. A…

no-man’s-sky’s-prisms-update-adds-reflections,-new-texture-effects,-improved-lighting,-more VG247

No Man’s Sky’s Prisms update adds reflections, new texture effects, improved lighting, more

A new update is available for No Man’s Sky, making it even prettier.The Prisms update is now available for No Man’s Sky, and it adds plenty of visual improvements.Watch on YouTubeThese improvements include reflections, new texture effects, more biome detail, improved lighting, new skies, new warp effects, creature fur, and more.You can expect support for screen space reflection (SSR) technology for PC, next-generation consoles, and Xbox One X. This allows starships and lifeforms to create reflections as they move, and lighting in reflective areas will feel higher quality and more realistic.In the update, new styles of volumetric lights have been…

humankind-is-a-delightfully-complicated,-full-fat-4x-strategy-–-even-though-its-devs-want-to-“kill-micromanagement” VG247

Humankind is a delightfully complicated, full-fat 4X strategy – even though its devs want to “kill micromanagement”

The 4X strategy genre thrives on complexity – but the latest challenger in the genre wants to reduce tedious micromanagement.Watch on YouTubeThe last time I played Humankind, the new Civilization-like 4X game from Amplitude Studios and Sega, I described it as “complex, clever, and more unique than you might think”. Back then, in a more limited early-game hands-on, I could only see the teases of true depth at the edges of the playable section. Now, in a new hands-on, I’ve been able to see Humankind’s depth and complexity right into the mid-game. Here’s the headline: it’s impressive, satisfying, and just…

microsoft-flight-simulator-update-nearly-halves-download-size VG247

Microsoft Flight Simulator update nearly halves download size

By Dom Peppiatt 30 May 2021 18:05 GMT Thanks to an impressive new update, Microsoft and Asobo have nearly halved the size of Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing the total size of the game to around 83GB.Everyone loves Microsoft Flight Simulator – we’ve established that already – but not everyone loved the gargantuan size of the game’s download files on their PCs. Before today, getting the game and its various packs installed on your rig would cost you the better part of 170GB – but a new update has almost chapped that in half.As spotted by the folks at PC Gamer, the…

nivalis-is-a-slice-of-life-sim-set-in-cloudpunk’s-wonderful-city Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Nivalis is a slice-of-life sim set in Cloudpunk’s wonderful city

I am a fan of many things: Japanese women’s wrestling, those little rivers that get carved into beaches, and game worlds being reused and repurposed. Until RPS rebrands, I’ll only get to talk about that third thing in that list. But look! Nivalis has been announced. It’s a “slice-of-life” game set in the same city as cyberpunk delivery sim Cloudpunk. You get to live there, learning to cook, decorating your apartment, and even go fishing. Read more

cities:-skylines-has-new-bridges,-train-stations,-and-radio-options-available-today VG247

Cities: Skylines has new bridges, train stations, and radio options available today

Four new content updates are now available for Cities: Skylines. New content is now available for Cities: Skylines players interested in adding new bridges, train stations, and two new radio stations.Watch on YouTubeParadox Interactive announced the new content today during PDXCON Remixed.Two radio stations, Rail Hawk Radio and Sunny Breeze Radio, are now available for those players looking to change up the mood as they build.Here’s what’s now available, straight from Paradox:Bridges & Piers Content Creator Pack – Price: $4.99This set of 22 unique mods by Armesto, with industrial and classical styles found around the world. The pack includes: 7 regular traffic…

valheim-patch-adds-new-terrain-modification,-fixes-a-couple-of-bugs VG247

Valheim patch adds new terrain modification, fixes a couple of bugs

By Dom Peppiatt 20 April 2021 10:54 GMT Developer Iron Gate Studios has rolled out a big new patch for the popular survival game Valheim that overhauls the terrain system and makes landscaping that bit easier for players.If you’re eager to do some humongous terrain-based projects in Valheim, you’re going to want to pay attention to the game’s latest update. Though the last patch tweaked Hammer, Hoe and Cultivator timings, this new update (version 0.150.3)  does some slightly more in-depth rejigging to the game’s suite of customization tools.“The new terrain modification system is made to reduce the number of network instances and…