who-are-the-most-popular-streamers-and-top-twitch-channels-to-follow? ESports News UK

Who are the most popular streamers and top Twitch channels to follow?

Promoted article (contains affiliate links) Twitch has become an essential platform on the internet since its inception over ten years ago. The live content streaming platform, acquired by Amazon in 2014, is one of the most influential media platforms today. On the other hand, it can be difficult to find your way around the thousands of channels that offer everything and anything. We explain what to see for a superb discovery of the wonderful world of Twitch – starting with the most-followed channels and streamers as of January 28th 2022. Continue reading Who are the most popular streamers and top…

riot-announces-mobile-version-of-valorant-and-14m-pc-player-numbers-as-game-celebrates-first-anniversary,-shroud-and-ninja-share-their-views-on-its-longevity ESports News UK

Riot announces mobile version of Valorant and 14m PC player numbers as game celebrates first anniversary, Shroud and Ninja share their views on its longevity

Valorant is one year old today and Riot Games is celebrating by announcing a mobile version of the shooter in the works. Riot also announced that an average of more than 14m PC players from around the world log on each month to play Valorant, with half a billion games played so far since Valorant launched on June 2nd 2021. Valorant Mobile doesn’t have a release date just yet, but it follows in the footsteps of other top competitive shooters that have made their way to mobile, such as PUBG and Fortnite. Continue reading Riot announces mobile version of Valorant and 14m…

top-streamers-lose-millions-of-followers-after-twitch-cracks-down-on-viewbots Twitch

Top Streamers Lose Millions Of Followers After Twitch Cracks Down On Viewbots

It’s no secret that Twitch has a problem with viewbots, which are fake viewers that artificially inflate streamers’ numbers. They’ve been part of the ecosystem for years, both as a means of making streamers look more popular than they are and, more recently, a tool trolls use maliciously to try to bring Twitch’s punitive wrath down on streamers they don’t like. Twitch, for its part, only acknowledged the issue sporadically. Until this week.

twitch-is-cracking-down-on-small-(but-not-big)-streamers-who-made-channels-before-they-turned-13 Twitch

Twitch Is Cracking Down On Small (But Not Big) Streamers Who Made Channels Before They Turned 13

AverageHarry, a 15 year-old aspiring Twitch streamer from the UK, was in spitting distance of his dream. He’d had a breakout 2020, amassing an audience of nearly 90,000 followers, somewhat ironically off the back of a viral clip in which randos in a hotel lobby made fun of him for streaming. Late last year, he decided to apply to become a Twitch partner. It backfired, big time.

twitch’s-rust-boom-is-the-streamer-crossover-event-of-the-century Twitch

Twitch’s Rust Boom Is The Streamer Crossover Event Of The Century

There is no predicting which game Twitch will catapult into the spotlight next. Last year, it was Among Us, a previously obscure party game about deception. Now, it’s Rust, a survival game that first came out in 2013, whose heyday was thought to have long since passed. These seemingly random flavors of the month have a major thing in common: The creation of the streamer cinematic universe.

post-mixer,-popular-streamer-shroud-is-returning-to-twitch Twitch

Post-Mixer, Popular Streamer Shroud Is Returning To Twitch

Last year, noted man with godlike aiming skills Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek was among a handful of top Twitch stars who shocked viewers by departing the Amazon-owned platform for Microsoft’s Mixer. In June of this year, Mixer suddenly died. Now, after a couple months of silence, Grzesiek is returning to Twitch.