check-out-resident-evil-4-remake’s-short-but-sweet-anime-trailer VG247

Check out Resident Evil 4 Remake’s short but sweet anime trailer

It’s an awfully cute take on Resident Evil 4. It’s safe to say that Capcom’s marketing for Resident Evil 4 Remake is well under way. After a horde of stellar reviews were shared last week, declaring the remake a complete success (our own 5/5 review included), Capcom has more under its sleeve to get players excited. Capcom, of course, knows full well the chokehold that Resident Evil 4 has over its fans, both old and new. As such, a short, but sweet anime trailer for the game has been released showing off fan-favourite characters in a more charming, whimsical scenario…

half-life-2:-episode-one-vr-fan-mod-is-out-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Half-Life 2: Episode One VR fan mod is out today

Back in January, the makers behind the excellent Half-Life 2 VR mod announced they were moving on to making a virtual reality goggle version of Half-Life 2: Episode One – and we now know it will be arriving on Steam later today. What’s more, we also have a release date for their VR mod of Episode Two. That will come next month on April 6th, according to its Steam page. Read more

survival-horror,-vorax,-looks-to-give-the-forest-fans-a-thorough-single-player-experience VG247

Survival horror, VORAX, looks to give The Forest fans a thorough single-player experience

Set on yet another island, of course. Just last week, developer IndieGala announced its latest game, VORAX. An open-world survival horror that has taken inspiration from some of the best horror games of all time, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and The Forest, VORAX is still in development, but looks promising. Catch the full VORAX trailer here. As a mercenary who’s wound up on a Mediterranean island, you find that a mysterious pathogen is infecting its inhabitants. When an army battalion was sent to quarantine the place, all communication was lost, and you can only imagine what happened to the soldiers….

resident-evil-4-remake-review:-an-exceptional-return-to-one-of-the-greatest-action-games-of-all-time Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Resident Evil 4 remake review: an exceptional return to one of the greatest action games of all time

In the run-up to its original 2005 release, Capcom was refreshingly – and publicly – clear about their intentions for Resident Evil 4. Feeling that the classic top-down formula that had seen the series thrive during the 90s had grown stale, this follow-up was to be a total reinvention of survival horror as a concept. Something fresh. Dynamic. Exciting. The slate was wiped completely clean, and from that blank canvas, something exceptional was created. A game that not only redefined the franchise, but third-person action games as a whole. For eighteen tumultuous years, Capcom has tried to surpass the success…

“much-more”-to-be-shared-about-the-last-of-us-multiplayer-spin-off-this-year VG247

“Much more” to be shared about The Last of Us multiplayer spin-off this year

Not soon enough, if you ask me. The Last of Us’ upcoming multiplayer spin-off is a game we’ll “hear much more about” this year, according to TLOU director, Neil Druckmann. Which game should NEVER be a TV show? Talking about the game in a ‘spoilercast’ for HBO’s TV adaptation of The Last of Us Part 1 (thanks, GamesRadar), Druckmann explains more details on the multiplayer title are coming soon. This spin-off is also Naughty Dog’s “next big title.” “It’s an interesting experience for me because it’s the first The Last of Us game where I’m not a primary writer, I’m…

system-shock-remake-delayed-to-may-30-for-pc,-indefinitely-for-consoles VG247

System Shock remake delayed to May 30 for PC, indefinitely for consoles

SHODAN’s return is imminent. In a new blog post shared to Steam, developer Nightdive Studios and publisher Prime Matter have announced that the System Shock remake has been delayed again. Check out the trailer for the System Shock remake here. The sci-fi shooter will be delayed until May 30 for those jumping in on PC. As for console players, the remake has been sadly delayed indefinitely, with the statement saying the game will arrive “in due course.” “We had hoped to bring the game to the market by the end of March, but that turned out to be just beyond…

myst-fps-is-a-hilarious-dig-at-the-classic-adventure-game,-and-it’ Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Myst FPS is a hilarious dig at the classic adventure game, and it’s free on

Over the last 30 years, the classic adventure game Myst has been rereleased in countless forms, resurrected in 25th-anniversary boxsets, VR takes on the game, and even a full remake in 2021. But the power of the internet determines that nothing is sacred, and even the point-and-click Myst can be turned into the point-and-kill Myst FPS. Yes, developers Steven Nass and Peter Henningsen have released Myst FPS on, a free browser-based shooter that’s a good laugh, and an even better shitpost. Read more

stalker-2-developer-asks-fans-to-steer-clear-of-leaks-after-being-hacked VG247

Stalker 2 developer asks fans to steer clear of leaks after being hacked

“We have been through a lot, however these challenges only encourage us to work even harder.” The developer of the long-awaited Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl, GSC Game World, has announced that one of its employee’s accounts was compromised by a group of hackers on a Russian social network. Look at the trailer for Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl here. As a result of this breach, the developer took to Twitter to explain the situation and warn keen fans of leaks that may emerge. “Recently, our employee’s account for a collective work-with-images application was hacked. The responsibility for this was…

destiny-2-servers-go-offline-as-players-get-booted-from-instances-a-day-before-raid-release VG247

Destiny 2 servers go offline as players get booted from instances a day before raid release

All appears to be fine now, but will things improve with The Root of Nightmares? Destiny 2: Lightfall servers suddenly went down last night, as players were experiencing huge login queues, connectivity issues, and abrupt booting into orbit. This comes only a day before The Root of Nightmares raid. Announced via the official BungieHelp Twitter account, the game was brought down temporarily to “assist in investigations into error codes, inability to log in, and login queues.” The servers are back online now, but with an additional maintenance period due today, fingers are crossed the upcoming raid release goes smoothly. Watch…

starfield-launch-date-trailer-reveals-september-6-release VG247

Starfield launch date trailer reveals September 6 release

A bit later than expected. Starfield will release on September 6 2023, according to a brand new launch date trailer. In this trailer, not only do we get a cool cinematic teasing some of the space-bound mystery, we also get a quick update from Todd Howard himself, who reveals that a dedicated Starfield Direct will occur on June 11. This will apparently give viewers a “deep dive” on the game, a few months ahead of its launch. Check out the new launch date trailer here! Additional surpises come from the appearance of one Tim Lamb, who was present in the…

source-2-memes-run-wild-following-reports-of-csgo-2-coming-soon VG247

Source 2 memes run wild following reports of CSGO 2 coming soon

Why spend time in a grenade practice map when you can do sick BMX grinds in Dust 2? Following reports of CSGO 2 being both real and playable in the near future, people online have been using their imagination (and sense of humour) to imagine what the future of map, Dust 2, may look like. This has all been popping up on Twitter, which as we all know is the hub for all of the best games industry gags. It’s clear that while competitive FPS fans are desperate for an official reveal, the memes are going to kep on flowing….

destiny-2-lightfall,-one-week-later-–-the-good,-the-bad,-and-the-very,-very-ugly VG247

Destiny 2 Lightfall, one week later – the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly

Bungie has once again kicked it out of the park with some elements of Destiny… but completely dropped the ball with others. It’s becoming a pattern. Destiny 2 Lightfall currently sits at ‘mostly negative’ on Steam. Twitter and Reddit are awash with posts complaining about, highlighting issues with, and outright mocking the latest expansion. Even MyNameIsByf, a longstanding Destiny loyalist with a razor sharp eye for criticism and commentary, has expressed his profound disappointment with Lightfall and the future it sets up for Bungie. Byf makes some very, very good points in this video. But, all that aside, Lightfall isn’t…

warframe-gets-a-roguelike-inspired-experience-with-the-upcoming-duviri-paradox-expansion VG247

Warframe gets a roguelike-inspired experience with the upcoming Duviri Paradox expansion

The expansion is due out this coming April. Warframe is getting its next expansion in April, titled The Duviri Paradox, promising to be “a roguelike-inspired and emotionally-driven Open World experience.” Earlier this week, developer Digital Extremes showed off a short cinematic trailer giving us a first glimpse of the upcoming Duviri Paradox expansion. In this next adventure, the Drifter ends up “stuck in a massive colour-changing and reality-fractured world,” the titular Duviri. In terms of story, players should, “prepare to experience an emotionally-charged and wondrous world where visual and gameplay experiences shift and transpose as the mood of the Child…

gears-of-war-isn’t-just-a-game,-it’s-tradition Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Gears Of War isn’t just a game, it’s tradition

I’m going to Japan in a couple of weeks, and I am beyond excited. It’s been 15 years since I last visited family in Yokohama, and my last memory is one where I’m miserable and I’m staring out of a cab window going back to the airport. I didn’t want to leave. It sounds corny as heck, but I can’t wait to sucker punch that memory with a swing that’s been building for 5478 days, then jab it full of happy ones. Really, I imagine what will happen is I’ll get weirdly emotional as the plane touches down and my…