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The Best Christmas Video Games to play over the holiday season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which can only mean one thing: over in the land of movies, people spend ages engaging themselves in the completely shite patter about if Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not. (It’s not, but it’s a great movie, set at Christmas – so feel free to watch at Christmas. Okay?) But what’s the video game equivalent? We started thinking about this and couldn’t stop, because we love thinking about utterly stupid, pointless things. So, as we head into the holiday season, here’s our picks for some of the best Christmas video…

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Shenmue is being made into a 13-part anime series

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 6 September 2020 15:18 GMT Crunchyroll and Adult Swim are teaming up to develop an anime series based on Shenmue.Shenmue: The Animation’s first season will comprise of 13 episodes, and will focus on retelling the story of Ryo Hazuki and his mission to hunt down his father’s murderer.Japanese studio Telecom Animation Film has been signed on to handle the production of the series, and that’s quite encouraging: the studio has previously worked on Lupin III and another Crunchyroll original, Tower of God, both of which are animated superbly.Sakurai Chikara – most well-known for overseeing One Punch…