Second Dinner

marvel-snap-will-speed-up-card-progression-on-january-31st Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Marvel Snap will speed up card progression on January 31st

Marvel Snap is excellent, and when you first start playing it chucks new cards at you faster than a confused magician. That slows down once you’ve got a few hours under your utility belt, but developers Second Dinner have some changes in the works that should make rarer cards easier to snag. If you’re saving up for a particular card from the Token Shop, it’s worth checking whether it’s one of 9 cards that are about to get cheaper. The first “Series Drop” is due to land in an update on January 31st, which will also add a mode that…

card-games-are-boring,-so-how-did-two-of-them-become-my-favourites-of-2022? VG247

Card games are boring, so how did two of them become my favourites of 2022?

I’ve been banging the ‘card games are boring’ drum for years, so I didn’t expect to be spending so much of my game time this year with two of them. My problem with card video games is the same one I have with digital recreations of board games: the appeal of executing a mechanic is a large part of why I engage with video games, and that’s precisely why games with cards don’t do it for me. See, most games with cards in them have already decided the specifics of the move. The intricacies of every action are predetermined. Your…