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destiny-and-john-wick-actor-lance-reddick-has-passed-away,-destiny-2-players-gather-in-game-to-pay-tribute VG247

Destiny and John Wick actor Lance Reddick has passed away, Destiny 2 players gather in-game to pay tribute

You did The Continental proud, sir. Courtesy of Lionsgate Prolific actor Lance Reddick passed away on Friday, March 17, from natural causes at the age of 60. His passing was confirmed to Yahoo News by Mia Hansen, his representative at Portrait PR, who stated he would be “greatly missed.” Destiny 2 – Lance Reddick as Commander Zavala Best known for his role in the John Wick films as Charon, the concierge at The Continental, Reddick starred in many motion pictures and television series. Movies include Angel has Fallen, Godzilla vs King Kong, I Dreamed of Africa, White House Down, and…

resident-evil-4-remake-review:-a-bolder,-leon-hearted-version-of-a-classic,-refined-in-every-way VG247

Resident Evil 4 Remake review: A bolder, Leon-hearted version of a classic, refined in every way

“This time, it can be different.” And that’s okay. In fact, it’s more than OK. Resident Evil 4 Remake has finally caught up with Leon. Just as the Resi 4 protagonist is all grown up when we first see him in the 2005 original, Capcom has finally made a game that reflects how much he’s matured – but that doesn’t mean the camp nature of the original cult classic is lost; it’s merely evolved to be more in line with the series’ tone. The original Resident Evil 4 nudged the series down a more action-oriented path, and after teasing the…

system-shock-remake-delayed-to-may-30-for-pc,-indefinitely-for-consoles VG247

System Shock remake delayed to May 30 for PC, indefinitely for consoles

SHODAN’s return is imminent. In a new blog post shared to Steam, developer Nightdive Studios and publisher Prime Matter have announced that the System Shock remake has been delayed again. Check out the trailer for the System Shock remake here. The sci-fi shooter will be delayed until May 30 for those jumping in on PC. As for console players, the remake has been sadly delayed indefinitely, with the statement saying the game will arrive “in due course.” “We had hoped to bring the game to the market by the end of March, but that turned out to be just beyond…

citizen-sleeper’s-third-and-final-free-dlc-is-coming-at-the-end-of-march Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Citizen Sleeper’s third and final free DLC is coming at the end of March

Dystopian tabletop-ish RPG Citizen Sleeper is receiving its third and final DLC episode at the end of the month. DLC for Citizen Sleeper was first announced last summer through a post-launch content roadmap, and with Episode: Flux and Episode: Refuge out the door, it’s now time for Episode: Purge, free for all owners on March 30th. Purge is introducing a new narrative arc alongside more characters, locations, and lore. Read more

kerbal-space-program-2-is-getting-a-performance-patch-this-week,-plus-a-fix-for-the-“kraken-drive”-bug Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Kerbal Space Program 2 is getting a performance patch this week, plus a fix for the “Kraken drive” bug

You don’t need a degree in rocket science to know that Kerbal Space Program 2 didn’t exactly launch in the best of states last month. From its astronomically high PC requirements to the numerous bugs identified in our early access review, it’s been a rough ride for developers Intercept Games, but hope is on the horizon. In a new development update, creative director Nate Simpson has announced the first major patch will be arriving on Thursday March 16th, primarily focusing on “performance improvements and bug squashing”. Read more

destiny-2-servers-go-offline-as-players-get-booted-from-instances-a-day-before-raid-release VG247

Destiny 2 servers go offline as players get booted from instances a day before raid release

All appears to be fine now, but will things improve with The Root of Nightmares? Destiny 2: Lightfall servers suddenly went down last night, as players were experiencing huge login queues, connectivity issues, and abrupt booting into orbit. This comes only a day before The Root of Nightmares raid. Announced via the official BungieHelp Twitter account, the game was brought down temporarily to “assist in investigations into error codes, inability to log in, and login queues.” The servers are back online now, but with an additional maintenance period due today, fingers are crossed the upcoming raid release goes smoothly. Watch…

destiny-2-lightfall,-one-week-later-–-the-good,-the-bad,-and-the-very,-very-ugly VG247

Destiny 2 Lightfall, one week later – the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly

Bungie has once again kicked it out of the park with some elements of Destiny… but completely dropped the ball with others. It’s becoming a pattern. Destiny 2 Lightfall currently sits at ‘mostly negative’ on Steam. Twitter and Reddit are awash with posts complaining about, highlighting issues with, and outright mocking the latest expansion. Even MyNameIsByf, a longstanding Destiny loyalist with a razor sharp eye for criticism and commentary, has expressed his profound disappointment with Lightfall and the future it sets up for Bungie. Byf makes some very, very good points in this video. But, all that aside, Lightfall isn’t…

destiny-2-lightfall-is-already-reminding-me-of-the-best-era-of-halo-games VG247

Destiny 2 Lightfall is already reminding me of the best era of Halo games

A breakneck retreat from a ship as it implodes, some of the classiest combat puzzles in the FPS genre, and a killer soundtrack. Halo is back, sorta. Remember when Bungie used to make Halo games? They were great, weren’t they? Some of the tightest, smartest shooters around – revolutionary in the way they opened up the corridors of the genre and popularised the use-the-weapons-of-your-enemy mechanic. Whether you were playing as Master Chief in the main trilogy or some plucky young upstarts in ODST or Reach, those games are packed tight with some of the most iconic moments in FPS history….

surprise-—-destiny-2-servers-are-exploding-with-the-launch-of-lightfall VG247

Surprise — Destiny 2 servers are exploding with the launch of Lightfall

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. One moment please… the servers are getting bodied. Destiny 2 servers are under siege with the launch of Lightfall, leading to maby players running into a lengthy one moment please loading screen. With thousands looking to dive into the new content, they find themselves sitting on their hands for longer than they’d hope. Launches of online video games expansions, especially MMOs like Destiny 2, are usually a rocky event. However there’s nothing like being a part of the first wave…

the-outer-worlds:-spacer’s-choice-edition-brings-the-rpg-to-new-gen-consoles-next-week VG247

The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition brings the RPG to new-gen consoles next week

Head back to space with updated style. A new edition of The Outer Worlds is coming out next week, bringing updated visuals, a higher level cap, and more. The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition was announced today by Obsidian Entertainment, a new version of the game that brings it to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. It’s out soon, too, March 7 to be exact. You’ll be able to pick up the fancy new version of the game on PC too, and if you already own it on PC, PS4, or Xbox One, you’ll be able to upgrade to the new-gen…

echoes-within-looks-like-the-biggest-update-to-halo-infinite-since-launch Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Echoes Within looks like the biggest update to Halo Infinite since launch

Halo Infinite has been in an extended slump since its second season began 10-months ago, but 343 Industries are hoping to turn things around when Season 3: Echoes Within starts next week on March 7th. Echoes Within is undeniably the biggest update to Infinite since launch, as it’s adding new maps, weapons and equipment, and expanding the multiplayer’s narrative – which has been a series of perpetual teases so far. Read more

no-man’s-sky-fractal-update-comes-with-a-new-starship,-expedition,-a-new-tool,-and-more VG247

No Man’s Sky Fractal update comes with a new starship, Expedition, a new tool, and more

Help the Utopia Foundation rebuild an abandoned solar system. Hello Games has released the Fractal update for No Man’s Sky. The Fractal update introduces a new starship, the Utopia Speeder, which allows you to skim across planet surfaces at high speed. Completely immerse yourself in an infinite universe with No Man’s Sky update 4.1, Fractal. It also comes with the new Expedition, Utopia, where you will need to work together to rebuild an abandoned solar system for the Utopia Foundation. It features a new expedition-exclusive crafting mechanic requiring you to think about exploration, construction, and survival. Other expedition rewards include…

no-remake,-no-remaster-–-what’s-made-metal-gear-rising-revengeance-stay-so-popular-for-so-long? VG247

No remake, no remaster – what’s made Metal Gear Rising Revengeance stay so popular for so long?

To celebrate Metal Gear Rising Revengance’s 10-year anniversary, composer Jamie Christopherson and Senator Armstrong actor Alastair Duncan reflect on the title’s legacy. It’s wild to think that 10 years ago today, I got Metal Gear Rising Revengeance through the door. I sat down at my Xbox 360 and played through the entire game that day. I couldn’t put it down. I got stuck at the final boss – because I was a cocky guy who picked hard for my first playthrough – but defeated him the next morning. At this point in my life I was a fresh fan of…

is-ps-vr2-the-last-time-we’ll-get-a-mario-64-moment? VG247

Is PS VR2 the last time we’ll get a Mario 64 moment?

Gaming tech hasn’t seen a revolution for a long time, but Sony’s latest hardware could be one. Tom’s a bit smitten with PS VR2, but I, a Virtual Reality Sceptic, have my doubts. So Tom donned the headset in an attempt to convince me that yes, Sony’s newest VR platform is the real deal, and well worth the buy-in. In fact, he says, it’s the most exciting leap forward in gaming since Mario 64. But I have to wonder if this costly peripheral is more akin to the Mega Drive’s 32X — an impressive add-on, but fiddly to use, and…

before-we-leave-devs-next-chill-city-builder-is-set-on-top-of-a-giant-space-whale Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Before We Leave devs next chill city builder is set on top of a giant space whale

2021’s Before We Leave was a chill, planet-hopping city builder with the occasional space whale who might hoover up your world’s hexagonal tiles. Now developer Balancing Monkey is back for another go at spacefaring management, but this time your city is built on top of a space whale, rather than being terrorised by one. Their follow-up, Beyond These Stars, will be hitting early access on PC later this year. Read more