co-founder-of-uk-based-youtuber-business-steps-down-from-xcad-network-after-selling-his-own-tokens-and-involvement-in-save-the-kids-crypto-scandal ESports News UK

Co-founder of UK-based YouTuber business steps down from Xcad Network after selling his own tokens and involvement in Save the Kids crypto scandal

Joel Morris (aka JMX), a British YouTuber and co-founder of YouTuber academy Xcademy and influencer token economy Xcad Network, has stepped down from the latter after selling large quantities of his own token. He was also implicated in the Save the Kids crypto scam, which saw big UK YouTubers and other influencers from the likes of FaZe Clan encourage their followers to buy the token, before dumping big amounts of it. This meant they made money from it while crashing the price, leaving many who bought in with a worthless crypto. Continue reading Co-founder of UK-based YouTuber business steps down…