scammers-are-impersonating-farming-sim-coral-island,-with-added-nfts Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Scammers are impersonating farming sim Coral Island, with added NFTs

Halloween might be over, but island farming sim Coral Island appears to have generated a doppelganger on social media that has a hankering for NFTs. Coral Island’s developers Stairway Games have brought attention to the scam account, which uses the real game’s logo and key art but adds an extra web3 cryptobro twist by linking itself to the GameFi blockchain gaming platform. Stairway, as you would, are calling shenanigans. Read more

frazier-kay-to-sue-coffeezilla-over-save-the-kids-crypto-investigation ESports News UK

Frazier Kay to sue Coffeezilla over Save the Kids crypto investigation

The legal representatives of Frazier Kay (pictured left), the British content creator that was recently booted out of FaZe Clan for his involvement in a scandalous Save the Kids cryptocurrency operation, have threatened to sue a journalist who helped expose it. Coffeezilla (pictured right) has claimed he received a cease and desist letter from Kay’s lawyers, demanding he retract his public statements about Kay or face litigation. They claim Coffeezilla’s statements about Kay are ‘false and defamatory’ and that he could ‘lose millions of dollars in revenue’ for publishing them. Continue reading Frazier Kay to sue Coffeezilla over Save the…

scam-the-kids:-the-‘save-the-kids’-crypto-scandal-involving-several-uk-youtubers-is-a-painful-reminder-of-the-volatility-of-cryptocurrency-and-the-dangers-of-trusting-influencers-–-opinion ESports News UK

Scam the Kids: The ‘Save the Kids’ crypto scandal involving several UK YouTubers is a painful reminder of the volatility of cryptocurrency and the dangers of trusting influencers – opinion

Let’s not be so quick to forgive and forget our favourite influencers fibs or fraudulent behaviour, argues Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco in this opinion piece about the recent ‘Save the Kids’ cryptocurrency scandal I want to be shocked by this story, to think of it as surely a one-off which we’ll all learn from, an anomaly never to be repeated again. But the sad truth is it doesn’t surprise me one bit, and I know something like it will happen again, and again. Continue reading Scam the Kids: The ‘Save the Kids’ crypto scandal involving several UK YouTubers…

psa:-there’s-a-far-cry-6-beta-email-scam-going-around VG247

PSA: There’s a Far Cry 6 beta email scam going around

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 19 February 2021 18:01 GMT Don’t be fooled.French publisher Ubisoft has said that there’s an email scam claiming to offer access to a Far Cry 6 beta.In a post on Twitter, the company’s support account confirmed that an email received by YouTuber theRadBrad about an upcoming Far Cry 6 beta period was a scam. Apparently, this installs a virus that watches and records everything you do on your screen.“We can confirm the email regarding FC6 beta access is a phishing attempt,” Ubisoft wrote.“It has been reported. Please do not respond if you have received this email…