satisfactory-update-4-is-out,-adds-hoverpacks-and-particle-accelerators Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Satisfactory update 4 is out, adds hoverpacks and particle accelerators

One of my favourite memories from the past 15 years of doing this daft job was at EVE Online’s fan fest. A developer on stage in a packed auditorium announced a more efficient way to move items between cargo holds, and the crowd around me erupted with “We just won the World Cup”-level cheering. This is what Satisfactory‘s update 4 trailer reminds me of. Today’s update adds hoverpacks, drones and particle accelerators to the factory building game, but it feels like it’s a set of street lights turning on at the end that would get the biggest cheer. Read more

prison-architect’s-developers-almost-made-a-3d-factorio-in-2017 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Prison Architect’s developers almost made a 3D Factorio in 2017

Introversion Software, the makers of Prison Architect, have been making a video series about all the prototypes they’ve created and scrapped over the past several years. This month’s prototype is ‘Minecraft Factory’ or ‘Voxel Factory’, an attempt in 2017 to make a Factorio-like game out of Minecraft-style blocks. You can watch a video where they demonstrate the prototype and why they binned the idea – and then you can buy and play it, if you like, with all the money going to charity. Read more